Photo/Poetry Collection Coming Soon

With all of my different photos I have taken, I have decided to put together a short photo collection with some poetic verse and  inspirational writings together. I hope to have it completed very soon. Once it has been put together, I will add a link to it here on my blog… Its title willContinue reading “Photo/Poetry Collection Coming Soon”

Starting something new….Fixing…broken?

After the Illinois budget hadn’t been passed for several weeks, I was laid off from a job I’d faithfully had for 12 years. I was laid off for a month. During that month, I applied for a job as an Administrative Aid at a nearby church….Although I did get called back to my job, IContinue reading “Starting something new….Fixing…broken?”

Illinois Budget Crisis: Why Illinois needs to pass a budget

Why Illinois needs to pass a budget People and organizations in Illinois are hurting in more ways than one. Families and individuals who depended on government benefits have had to take a serious cut on the financial assistance that they receive. The Ameren PIPP (Percentage of Income Payment Plan) has become non-existent. The LIHEAP programContinue reading “Illinois Budget Crisis: Why Illinois needs to pass a budget”

Life on Pause: Relationships

I am 34 years old – funny – i almost wrote 32… Time flies when you are having fun. Or was I having fun?… When you are a teenager, you think you know everything. Then you find out- you didn’t know anything at all. Once you hit your 20’s, you start going to the almightyContinue reading “Life on Pause: Relationships”

Life on Pause

You ever feel like your life was moving at a fine steady pace, and then- all of a sudden, it came to a screeching halt? I have. I’m there right now. For the past 12 years, I was employed at a community action agency, helping families with utilities, food and referring them to organizations ifContinue reading “Life on Pause”