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To You, Dearest Love
My deareset love,
oh thou, my heart
has ached for you
a million years.

Sitting under a bright kindred moonlight,
my thoughts fall back to your tender touch.
I lay here, counting every single twinkling star
up in the clear night sky,
bathing in amorous memories that I wear
upon thy sleeve.

In the cool darkness of the faint shadows,
a light of your warmth echoes in my bleeding heart,
for nevermore, will I feel alone.

Dearest love,
for all eternity,
I shall live
counting the twinkles of each star.

Thy darkness will never cool,
nor shall it ever present fear…
You my dear,
were hope in those once darkened days.

Forever, basking in pure iridescent moonlight,
I whisper the memories of all of those midnight dreams,
letting the air carry my secret messages,
so that they shall find themselves
upon thy quivering lips
Where two hearts will encircle the universe.

– Ariana R. Cherry 2016