Interact with Author, Ariana R. Cherry…

I have created a new group on Facebook where you all can interact with me. I will post my most recent poems, previews to new books and poetry collections that I am working on, perform live poetry readings on Facebook and you will have a chance to buy my books BEFORE they go LIVE onContinue reading “Interact with Author, Ariana R. Cherry…”

Magnetic Poetry: Zombie Life

Little mindless corpse Beneath the dirt. Undead vicious flesh-eating zombie. You know wretched madness And wander through the city screaming. Confused and dead, You feast on rotten flesh, Destroying the human skull. Insane unstoppable soul, Shatter our need to live And you destroy time. A rotten plague of the undead. Heartless, soulless creature Who wandersContinue reading “Magnetic Poetry: Zombie Life”