Listen to Ariana R. Cherry on the RIFT Podcast this Sunday evening…

I will be a special guest on “The Rift- Words from the Other Side”this Sunday evening. It will air LIVE 8-10pm Central Time/ 9-11pm Eastern Time. ***************************************** Join The Hitman and the return to air for the show, Carin Smurl as Co-Host. As they speak with Ariana Cherry on her writings and how she becameContinue reading “Listen to Ariana R. Cherry on the RIFT Podcast this Sunday evening…”

Events: Join me this Sunday evening on the R.I.F.T….. I have been invited as a special guest on “The R.I.F.T.” this Sunday evening from             9:00 – 11:00 pm EST…..Howie Odell is the Host and his Co-Host is Carin Smurl. I’ll be sharing some of my poetry and speaking of a few paranormal experiences as well… I willContinue reading “Events: Join me this Sunday evening on the R.I.F.T…..”

SEEKING BOOK REVIEWERS for my book,”Only If” or “Twisted Paths Poetry” in exchange for free book.

SEEKING BOOK REVIEWERS… YOU WILL RECEIVE A FREE BOOK I am seeking some reviews from some willing readers… While I’ve received some great five-star reviews from Realistic Poetry International and Reader’s Favorite – (and I was very appreciative of those!), I would like some reviews posted on my Amazon book page from other readers asContinue reading “SEEKING BOOK REVIEWERS for my book,”Only If” or “Twisted Paths Poetry” in exchange for free book.”

Author News: Only If : part 2 – “processing…”

Michael, ignoring my question, pulled me down to the open seat. “Now, miss Clara, sit. Rest. You must be worn from caring for Agatha. Tell me, lovely…all the demons that haunt your mind. I know…that kiss was not just by accident.” …. *********************************************************** Clara is squirming as she tells me her story…..She has not forgotten!Continue reading “Author News: Only If : part 2 – “processing…””

“Only If” receives second 5-star review!

  My epic poetic horror tale, “Only If” received its second five-star review from Realistic Poetry International… *********************************** Review of Only If by Ariana R Cherry Ariana’s poetry epic “Only If” is a tragic tale of love, friendship, betrayal, and toxic jealousy that leaves you speechless! Shocking emotional twists spiral the lives of three individuals,Continue reading ““Only If” receives second 5-star review!”

News: Author Interview on Read Write Club

I was interviewed at the Read Write Club website and asked a series of questions- some of them asked about how I was inspired, what I am currently reading and upcoming projects… Check out the interview by clicking on the link below:

Author News: Book release schedule

For those who may be interested in any upcoming books that I have planned for release, I have a set a schedule of when my books will be published. This way you can stay updated on my upcoming collections. Of course, I will blog about new stories – and give you all exclusive previews asContinue reading “Author News: Book release schedule”

Poetry News: 2nd Part to Intro Video on my new Youtube Channel

So, I decided to create a second part to my introduction video on my Youtube channel.I thought maybe I needed to share a bit more about myself before I dove in to reading my work. I hope that you enjoy it – and if there is anything you would like to know about me –Continue reading “Poetry News: 2nd Part to Intro Video on my new Youtube Channel”

Poetry News: New video on YouTube

So I am revamping my poetry channel a little bit on YouTube. As much as it makes me nervous to do so – I decided to put myself in some of the videos so readers could relate to me better….I usually end up feeling kind of like a dork doing this – but I hopeContinue reading “Poetry News: New video on YouTube”

Thank you to those who read…

I’ve always said that I don’t write to get rich… I write just so that perhaps I may inspire others – or to just share a story or two….Poetry seems to be the language in which I do that best… While I have not made a best seller list – (which – would be aContinue reading “Thank you to those who read…”