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I’ll be entering the Fine Arts Department at the art show at our local county fair this year. I am entering some photography that I did and an abstract acrylic painting. This is my first time entering a painting instead of a drawing…. and my first year I’ve taken the photography aspect a bit more seriously…. We will see how it goes!



I had some fun the other day in our local park photographing trees. Once I was finished, I took the color from the photos and added purples and blues – creating an entirely new tree that could be inside a fantasy world in a story book….

It is nice to know, we can take reality – and twist it into our own little fairy tale sometimes… We can take every day objects – and make it something magical. That is the beauty with photography  and art…


I took advantage of some 80 degree weather in our area today and took some beautiful sunset shots… There was even some great timing when a train passed on by and even an Amish buggy…



Had the Monday off after Christmas and got a chance to see some beautiful skies after a trip from a bookstore and record store…. Central Illinois really has some beautiful sunset skies in the country from time to time… There are just some instances where you need to pull over and take a photo – Sometimes a shot through the window doesn’t show justice…


There were beautiful skies on the way to my piano lessons and  seeing Star Wars: Rogue One Tuesday evening. These were taken along the interstate on the way to Mattoon in the car – the colors were just amazing.

It’s scenes like these that I see in the sky – that makes me wonder how some people can live life and not notice such beauty – those who are so engrossed in the rat race of life – that they forget to stop and notice – just how beautiful nature and life can truly be. I like to believe – there are always “paintings” all around us – just waiting to be “painted.”

A beautiful 60 degree evening on November 7th in Arthur, IL. It has been an ideal fall.


Lovely Autumn Day at Tabor Park in Sullivan, Illinois…. A day of coloring and doodling in the park surrounded by nature.


partially completed….Stained glass coloring book and partially finished doodle:) Relaxing!