New Spoken Word Poetry Video with Original Piano Music: “One Year”

I’ve been taking piano lessons for a few years now with the goal to write my own music or even accompaniment to my poetry readings. In the video below, is a poetry reading that has my first piano accompaniment that I created. This is something that I would like to do more of, create myContinue reading “New Spoken Word Poetry Video with Original Piano Music: “One Year””

Tiny Poem & Night Landscape Art

This was the first landscape art that I created with alcohol markers. I was inspired by some pictures I saw on the internet, so I put this drawing together. It is not my best artwork, but it is the first landscape with alcohol markers. Of course, it wouldn’t be complete with a little poetic sayingContinue reading “Tiny Poem & Night Landscape Art”

Poetry & Artwork: Bidding Adieu at Sunset

I’ve been continuing to learn how to use alcohol markers and draw with them. I really love how bright and brilliant the colors are. For my next collection of poems, I plan on putting both artwork and poetry into it and I hope to have it published in color. I needed to get back toContinue reading “Poetry & Artwork: Bidding Adieu at Sunset”

Original Written Poetry: Time is Precious

Time is precious… We never know how much time is given to us. Take each second with each minute… And take each minute with each hour. Time can change everything in a heart-beat. For more poetry and to learn about other poets, check out the”news blog,” at Poetry Essentials Hub at

Spoken Poetry Video: Deadly Sweet Lullaby

I have created a video for my poem, Deadly Sweet Lullaby. Check it out below and follow along with the poem as well… *********************************************************** Sweet Deadly Lullaby A soft lowly eerie lullaby did play ever so sweetly into the midnight… Its tunes strumming the beats of my heart and tickling the faucets of my eyes.Continue reading “Spoken Poetry Video: Deadly Sweet Lullaby”