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I made a video reciting a short poem that I wrote about life and death – and how you should live every day like it is your last….


Here is a video of a reading from my epic poetic tale, “Only If” – Canto 1.

I’ve uploaded a new poetry reading. Take a moment and listen to  my poem,

“Secrets of Mortality.”

You can read the poem here:


I’ve added another video poetry reading on Youtube. This time, I am reading my poem,

“I Saw You Fall.”

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I uploaded a poetry reading on my Youtube channel….”The Outcast.” Feel free to check it out and then subscribe….

I added a new video to my Youtube Channel. Here I am reading my poem, “Alive.”

You can also read the poem at:

I have created an ad for my new somewhat revamped YouTube Channel… I would be happy to hear your opinion on it….