Performance Poetry Reading: “The Piano Magic.”

Poet, Ariana R Cherry does a poetry reading of her poem, “The Piano Magic.” It was inspired by how she feels when she sees old buildings and the love of piano which she has. It is a bit of a performance poetry reading. Hopefully you will feel the “magic” come alive as she reads, “TheContinue reading “Performance Poetry Reading: “The Piano Magic.””

Spoken Poetry Video: Deadly Sweet Lullaby

I have created a video for my poem, Deadly Sweet Lullaby. Check it out below and follow along with the poem as well… *********************************************************** Sweet Deadly Lullaby A soft lowly eerie lullaby did play ever so sweetly into the midnight… Its tunes strumming the beats of my heart and tickling the faucets of my eyes.Continue reading “Spoken Poetry Video: Deadly Sweet Lullaby”

“Layers of Anxiety” Poetry Video

I created a video for my poem, “Layers of Anxiety.” Some of you who follow my blog may have read and heard me recite it.  When I have extra time, I am trying to make some videos to go along with my poems… Hope you find the video interesting. Thank you for following my blog,Continue reading ““Layers of Anxiety” Poetry Video”

Spoken Poetry Podcast Episode: Bring Back the Night

Listen to the episode/spoken word poem at: **************************** “There’s a lonely place that many do not visit… Down in the depths where the moon is black and the stars are unplugged…” Listen to poet,  Ariana R Cherry recite her poem, “Bring Back the Night.” You can also read the poem at: YouTube Video:Continue reading “Spoken Poetry Podcast Episode: Bring Back the Night”

Spoken Word Poetry: Burning the Embers

I created a video for my poem, “Burning the Embers.” The words to the poem are below. Burning the Embers Through the flames of the rising burning fire, she saw all the glory that awaited her. The embers burned with all of the haunting memories of a haunted past as they were swept away in theContinue reading “Spoken Word Poetry: Burning the Embers”

Spoken Word Poetry: “His Choice”

A few days ago, I recorded my poem, “His Choice,” about an angel who fell to grace, to save a world from despair… You can list to the poem by clicking below: Listen and read along to the poem below: His Choice It stood on the corner of its high rock cliff, peering downContinue reading “Spoken Word Poetry: “His Choice””

Follow My Spoken Word Poetry on Facebook & Reverbnation

As I begin my new journey in “Spoken Word” and start to promote myself as a Spoken Word artist as well, I have created a Facebook page where I will post my recordings and other “performances of poetry” as well. I plan on blogging /posting here as usual, but if you’d like to follow aContinue reading “Follow My Spoken Word Poetry on Facebook & Reverbnation”