Poetry Reading: The Lady at the Round Rustic Table

I am sharing a poetry reading from my YouTube Channel… I will be reading my horror poem/tale, “The Lady at the Round Rustic Table“…. You can read along with me and view my poem at: https://arianarcherry.wordpress.com/2014/07/07/humorous-horror-poetry-the-lady-at-the-round-rustic-table/ Hope you enjoy! _________________

Poetry News: 2nd Part to Intro Video on my new Youtube Channel

So, I decided to create a second part to my introduction video on my Youtube channel.I thought maybe I needed to share a bit more about myself before I dove in to reading my work. I hope that you enjoy it – and if there is anything you would like to know about me –Continue reading “Poetry News: 2nd Part to Intro Video on my new Youtube Channel”

Poetry News: New video on YouTube

So I am revamping my poetry channel a little bit on YouTube. As much as it makes me nervous to do so – I decided to put myself in some of the videos so readers could relate to me better….I usually end up feeling kind of like a dork doing this – but I hopeContinue reading “Poetry News: New video on YouTube”