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My epic poetic horror tale, “Only If” received its second five-star review from Realistic Poetry International…


Review of Only If by Ariana R Cherry

Ariana’s poetry epic “Only If” is a tragic tale of love, friendship, betrayal, and toxic jealousy that leaves you speechless! Shocking emotional twists spiral the lives of three individuals, Bill, Michael, and Clara, into a loathing cyclone of inescapable misery and despair. Severed hearts and heightened emotions then inevitably lead to a dark, cold, and lonely prison cell where Bill, an innocent man, is locked away as a prisoner for a crime he did not commit….(Click here to continue reading the review).

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Ariana’s powerful combination of intelligence, ingenuity and imagination distinguishes her!”…-                                                       –Realistic Poetry International


Recently, I submitted a poem of mine, “Betroth to Thee, Examination of Thy Mind” for a poetry critique to Realistic Poetry International. I must say, that I was pleasantly surprised  with the kind words and praise that I received from them. Being a writer, it can be sometimes nerve-wracking putting your writing out there for others to read – it isn’t always easy. Since I do put a lot of my poetry on my blog though, I thought I would take a chance with the critique…Their review is below- which they gave me five stars too!…

The poem that I submitted for review, can be read by clicking HERE – if you would like to do that first….








My writing and art was featured in an article written by Realistic Poetry International.




Check out the article by clicking on the link below:

twistedpathspoetry”  If you’ve ever wondered what the darkness looks like, this is it….”

  – Realistic Poetry International


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I was honored to receive a 5-star rating from Realistic Poetry International on my horror poetry  collection, Twisted Paths Poetry. The review can be found below:


The Blackness of the Night
What Goes On In The Dark, Stays In The Dark

From the beginning of time, it has been said that there is a war transpiring between good and evil. And as children, many of us are avidly warned against the atrocious creatures of evil and monstrous entities of the darkness, with some of us even questioning their very existence and relevance to our earth. Many of our upbringings taught us strict rules and methods that prepare and help us to steer clear of the maleficent dangers purposely provoked by hungry soul-seeking beings…but nothing can fully prepare you for malevolent tricksters like the demon master; a conniving devil from the poem entitled; The Story and Dance of the Demon Master.

This poem sheds light on the fiery hot secrets founded deep within the gloaming blackness of the underworld, where villains like, the demon master, work passionately to “create and devise little wise schemes” that help him conquer and overtake his ‘potential victims’. From a technical point of view, it is interesting how Ariana uses a first-person perspective to relay the thoughts of such a pure evil mind (intense!) with such realness and actuality – almost as if she takes on the dreadful personality herself! You learn rather quickly that, in this book, humans are nothing more than helpless pawns acting as players in a supernatural game of life and death; and it isn’t a game that allows any potential victim to decide their own fate either.

Indeed, it is completely engrossing! And if you have ever taken the light for granted, the riveting feeling generated from Ariana’s bone-chilling poetic mini thrillers are surely enough to have you pleading for the lights brilliant radiance, calling out to God and his angels for protection against threatening dark forces. Nevertheless, Ariana fiercely unleashes her mighty pen, exposing the forbidden revelations of these tormentous beings until the ink from her pen begins to drip relentlessly, expelling the inescapable curses with deeply embedded origins of the abyss.

The introduction to this collection entitled; ‘The Horror Writer’, wasn’t at all written in vain. In the blink of an eye, innocence and life are stolen by restless destroyers visiting earth, inflicting distress, peril, and severe calamity against human life, leaving nothing more than thick blankets of death to cover up the their abominable deeds.

Happiness, joy, and even a smile are like poison to these products of iniquity, for they await their prey in the enigmatic stillness of invisibility as keen masters of deception, just like the Lady at the Rustic Table. An elderly woman who has the ability to magically transform into an attractive maiden, seductively robbing young men of their youth. Well, we certainly understand where the ‘twists’ come into play; hence, the title, Twisted Paths Poetry.

Discerning a facade is one challenge, but what do you do when your adversary is invisible to the naked human eye, silently drifting along the colorless current of the wind, haunting you? The girl walking home in Ariana’s, Presence of Fear, almost affected by what seemed to only be the wind, was fortunate enough to escape the ‘transparent snare of terror’ trailing her every single step… but not every character in the book has this same luck.

In this compilation, Ariana’s writing is fluent, bold, and strikingly vigourous! Her ability to capture the thoughts, desires, and fantasies of the ‘wicked’ make her a skilled and powerful storyteller in the genre of horror, as she possesses the ability to entertain, deliver, and intrigue. For example, in her poem entitled; I Am The One, there is an entire story woven together through 3 poems. It depicts a young writer who dwells within the deep of a wild forest inside a white rustic white cottage.

In the midst of her thoughts, she is suddenly overwhelmed by the icily presence of a powerful wind which seems to be delivering a special message. The phrase “I am the one”, begins to manifest on the pages of the dark-haired writer’s notebook and then appears across the outside of the cottage! One simple phrase swiftly transforms into an unsolved mystery that inclines you to continue reading until you find out exactly what the words, “I am the one” truly means. Who is the one, we wonder?

To our surprise, the writers diary turns out to be the key to her well-kept secrets, which she’s concealed from the living for some time. Her diary turns out to be the chambers that confine and protect her sacrosanct confessions of secret conversations with the wind, and her hidden secret about the moon’s obeisance to her very footsteps. She had them hidden for so long – or so she thought, but we learn later towards the end of this tale that the writer is not alone, and her secrets aren’t really secrets; for “they” are with her. and she “is the one”.

In totality, Ariana’s poetry fulfills the expectations of what it truly means to be considered a real ‘horror’ writer! For she is an exceptional artist, literally and figuratively, and knows just how to use her creative assets to her advantage in the world of poetry and writing. Her ambitious will to be innovative and create new, fresh, original stories using her own signature style and technique clearly sets her apart from other authors. It’s quite easy to envision many of her ‘mini-poetry-stories’ evolving into classic films, as they are well-detailed and open doors to new horizons for the ‘dark side’ of poetry.

Without a doubt, Author Ariana Cherry’s rare eye for the unknown has given her the ability to see beyond the darkness and into the deep – Do you dare set foot on the crooked road to Twisted Paths Poetry?

We rate this book 5 Stars! Ariana, your creativity, imagination, and skill are impressive! Well done.

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Ariana Cherry’s gothic horror short story, “Only If,” received a 5 star review from



Reviewed by Chris-Jean Clarke for Readers’ Favorite


Only If by Ariana R. Cherry opens with Bill, an elderly dishevelled man, ranting to himself in his jail cell. He has been accused and found guilty of the murder of his wife, Clara. Bill, however, won’t accept he is in any way to blame, and over time begins to believe he has been framed by a dark lord, masquerading as his friend. To the courts and prison guards, Bill’s actions on the night of the murder and his behaviour and actions afterwards are a sign that he is mad, but to Bill, it is his situation that is madness and the dark lord, the evil one … not he. Sadly, Bill knows his only hope of escaping the confines of his cell and the madness is to either commit suicide or to find a way to seek vengeance on the dark lord, but that would mean having to eliminate him.

I applaud Ariana R. Cherry for not wasting words as her short sentences throughout Only If cleverly draw the reader into the protagonist’s frame of mind and his wild thoughts, thus adding impact to the poetic verse. Furthermore, I believe the author’s use of cantos and powerful images to divide each section, not only help to create the mood but also make Only If an intriguing page-turner. To conclude Bill’s story, Ariana R. Cherry gives us an insight into Clara’s story from beyond the grave as an appetiser to her next book. I found this to be a very intriguing concept. Only If will appeal to many fans, whether they love short stories, stories written in poetic verse or horror stories.