Original Spoken Word Poetry |Perfection and You | A Poetry Reading

. I feel like so many people need to hear it, as sometimes, we can get hung up on trying to be perfect, when in fact – it is impossible to reach perfection- we should be happy just being who we are – we are perfect just the way we were made.

Halloween Poetry Reading: The Lonely Lady in the Red-Hooded Cape

Tune into my most recent poetry podcast episode where I read one of my Halloween tale poems about a lonely lady who hangs out in the forest, searching for a friend to become prey…. “Down below, onto the earthly land,a long dark haired middle-aged womandressed in a red-hooded capestands outside an old wooden loft withContinue reading “Halloween Poetry Reading: The Lonely Lady in the Red-Hooded Cape”

Performance Poetry Reading: “The Piano Magic.”

Poet, Ariana R Cherry does a poetry reading of her poem, “The Piano Magic.” It was inspired by how she feels when she sees old buildings and the love of piano which she has. It is a bit of a performance poetry reading. Hopefully you will feel the “magic” come alive as she reads, “TheContinue reading “Performance Poetry Reading: “The Piano Magic.””

Spoken Word Poetry: Poe is Out

For the longest time,she hid within the darkestpart of the secret woods,awaiting to makeher big appearance. Years ago, she escaped there,to get away from thenoisy obscurities of the world.Too much realityhad poisoned her sacred innocent soul….  (Click below to listen to “Poe is Out”) Listen to other episodes of my podcast by clicking below:


Enjoy a short episode/poetry reading from my Spoken Word Poetry Podcast, “SILENCE THE MIND.” If you are looking for calm, serenity or to “silence the mind,” listen to this short spoken word poem.  https://anchor.fm/ariana-r-cherry/episodes/Spoken-Word-Poetry-Silence-the-Mind-edv2lk  

Spoken Word Poetry: We’re at War (with COVID19)

I recently wrote another poem about COVID19 and our war with it and recorded it on my “SPOKEN WORD POETRY PODCAST” show… click on the link to tune in and listen. I also give a bit of an update about my time during “Shelter in Place.” https://anchor.fm/ariana-r-cherry/episodes/Spoken-Word-Poetry-Were-at-War-ecnvrs?fbclid=IwAR2REQrkyxrqhyGhgS2CBH2IzNFEJRyCRr-pYT4YaGZZMgxJm5bBTsp5z4w

Spoken Word Poetry: “Untold Secrets”

I have recorded another one of my poems, “Untold Secrets,” on my poetry podcast, “Spoken Word Poetry Podcast.” Be sure to check it out by clicking on the link/play button below. The poem has also been posted below for you to follow along.       Listen to: Spoken Word Poetry: “Untold Secrets.” “UNTOLD SECRETS”Continue reading “Spoken Word Poetry: “Untold Secrets””

Spoken Word Poetry: A Soul’s Fight For Innocence

Recently, I recorded one of my poems, ” A Soul’s Fight for Innocence” on my Spoken Word Poetry podcast. Below is the poem for you to read along with. Feel free to listen to my short poetry podcast on Anchor by clicking on the link. Thank you for listening! Listen to the podcast by clickingContinue reading “Spoken Word Poetry: A Soul’s Fight For Innocence”

Poetry: Captivity Within

(Listen to this poem, “Captivity Within” on Ariana’s podcast, “Spoken Word Poetry Podcast” by clicking on this link —->    https://anchor.fm/ariana-r-cherry/episodes/Spoken-Word-Poetry-Captivity-Within-eacao5 Follow along by reading the poem below….  ________________________________________________________________ Captivity Within Caged with the tedious thoughts that inhabit thy mind, I search for silence within. But then, there’s the demanding trolls, who live deep inside,Continue reading “Poetry: Captivity Within”