Photography: Country sunset skies

Had the Monday off after Christmas and got a chance to see some beautiful skies after a trip from a bookstore and record store…. Central Illinois really has some beautiful sunset skies in the country from time to time… There are just some instances where you need to pull over and take a photo –Continue reading “Photography: Country sunset skies”

Photography: Paintings in the Sky

There were beautiful skies on the way to my piano lessons and  seeing Star Wars: Rogue One Tuesday evening. These were taken along the interstate on the way to Mattoon in the car – the colors were just amazing. It’s scenes like these that I see in the sky – that makes me wonder howContinue reading “Photography: Paintings in the Sky”

Sunsets are my Heaven

I adore taking photographs of Sunsets… No matter what your day may have been like, if a sunset is beautiful – It makes everything better…. It’s the best thing next to chocolate and coffee in my life 😉 Sunsets are peaceful and one example- that a higher power exists out there…A not just science.

Clouds of Mind: Life’s Natural Beauty Photography Collection is available

Clouds of Mind: Life’s Natural Beauty: My first photography collection is for sale. It also has some words of inspiration with each photo. $9.99 + 2.99 shipping and handling. It will be available on Amazon in 3-5 days, but I am selling it $2 cheaper than they are. If you would like to purchase aContinue reading “Clouds of Mind: Life’s Natural Beauty Photography Collection is available”