First Snowfall for 2021 (Photo Collage)

We had our first “real” snowfall for the year. There was a small amount of snow that fell one day in December, but not really enough to make it count. It was more of a “dusting.” But last night and early this morning, we actually had snow that stuck to the ground, and it wasContinue reading “First Snowfall for 2021 (Photo Collage)”

Awesome inspiration tool for writing poetry or other journal entries

As a writer, I am always looking for new ways to inspire me for topics to write about. Sometimes the books that I read, movies that I watch or even the music I listen to inspires me to write a poem. Awhile back, I added this cool new desktop little “flip-book” to my Amazon wishContinue reading “Awesome inspiration tool for writing poetry or other journal entries”

Poetry 101: How to Write a Poem

In my opinion, when it comes to the general poem, there are no rules in writing a poem. I think people try to put in too many rules, when it comes to learning, How to Write a Poem. An easy way to write a poem, is to simply use what you feel in your heartContinue reading “Poetry 101: How to Write a Poem”

Lifting stay at home orders and moving from an infected pandemic to angry pandemonium

In Illinois, May 29, 2020, it was marked the end of the #stayathome order. Out of the entire United States, our state was actually the only one that met the guidelines to slowly reopen again – of course, other places around the U.S. had already began to open and much earlier than they should have.Continue reading “Lifting stay at home orders and moving from an infected pandemic to angry pandemonium”

Life Confessions: No longer hiding behind the hair…

  This summer (around June or July), it will be a year that I’ve had short hair… And that was a big thing for me as I had spent almost my entire life with long hair – aside from a cut that I had my senior year that devastated me for a bit… I hadContinue reading “Life Confessions: No longer hiding behind the hair…”

Ramblings on life: Feeling like an outsider and being human…

Just a warning – I will be rambling on in this blog post… and maybe some of the things I say might weird people out …. or bore them…If you read on, perhaps you will find out which one of those you will agree with… I spend a lot of time in my head. ButContinue reading “Ramblings on life: Feeling like an outsider and being human…”

Learning to Adjust to Life’s Adjustments

  …”Learning to Adjust to Life’s “adjustments” *********************** Over the last two months and my recent “diagnosis” of Fibromyalgia from my doctor, I’ve had to learn to “adjust.”… ..My mind is always going… I have idea after idea – and I want to do all of these ideas. I am always in “create mode.” TheContinue reading “Learning to Adjust to Life’s Adjustments”

Eve’s Story-“Don’t Talk to Serpents” – An Autobiography

I am participating in the “Fast Track Bible Study” at the United Methodist Church… One of the questions asked “to know more” to write a short autobiography of Adam and Eve… or the Tower of Babel…. I had some fun with Eve – and thought I’d share here what I wrote. I had fun writing this….Enjoy!Continue reading “Eve’s Story-“Don’t Talk to Serpents” – An Autobiography”

Inspiration: Evolution

    “Time….is like a circle that keeps on revolving…Moving through every season, looping through all the weather that blows through our lives… Round and round it loops…never-ending – as each generation moves on…and our spirits, forever, living on through their hearts, as we whisper the wisdom in which we have carried through our lifetime…”Continue reading “Inspiration: Evolution”

Writing Group Accepting new members and submissions for new anthology

Local writing group accepting new members Taking submissions for upcoming anthology, “Ticks and Quirks: Human Oddball Stories.” Are you interested in science fiction? Fantasy? How about Horror? …. Then perhaps you might find your seat in the new writing group that is meeting once a month at Bob’s Bookstore in Charleston.  While the group isContinue reading “Writing Group Accepting new members and submissions for new anthology”