The literal pains in life…

  Every now and then, we all experience pains…and this time – I am talking literal…not figurative for once. I like to think I am still relatively young but I am certainly not getting any younger-which I find that hard to accept at times… I am young at heart and plan to stay that wayContinue reading “The literal pains in life…”

Contemplating Life, Mind rantings

  “Thou-est …you do think too much…” …“If you spend too much time thinking about the future..or the end – then you never will have really lived…” -The first phrase – I could see someone saying aloud to me – I often hear it in my mind. The second phrase – was told to meContinue reading “Contemplating Life, Mind rantings”

News: Author Interview on Read Write Club

I was interviewed at the Read Write Club website and asked a series of questions- some of them asked about how I was inspired, what I am currently reading and upcoming projects… Check out the interview by clicking on the link below:

Author News: Book release schedule

For those who may be interested in any upcoming books that I have planned for release, I have a set a schedule of when my books will be published. This way you can stay updated on my upcoming collections. Of course, I will blog about new stories – and give you all exclusive previews asContinue reading “Author News: Book release schedule”

Thank you to those who read…

I’ve always said that I don’t write to get rich… I write just so that perhaps I may inspire others – or to just share a story or two….Poetry seems to be the language in which I do that best… While I have not made a best seller list – (which – would be aContinue reading “Thank you to those who read…”

Poetry Critique from Realistic Poetry International

“Ariana’s powerful combination of intelligence, ingenuity and imagination distinguishes her!”…-                                                       –Realistic Poetry International ********************************************************* Recently, I submitted a poem of mine, “Betroth to Thee, Examination of Thy Mind”Continue reading “Poetry Critique from Realistic Poetry International”

This & That: We are all human

It is amazing that Trump has only been president for a little over a week. The hate, rioting and fierce protesting that I have been seeing, is just – unreal. Some of the social network websites are not a happy place to be…. People who are for Trump…or against – are in dispute. I haven’tContinue reading “This & That: We are all human”