Poet & Podcast Host, Ariana R Cherry speaks with National Slam Poet Winner Gayle Danley

In this episode of Spoken Word Poetry, Ariana sits down and talks with poet Gayle Danley. She is a slam poet who has been writing and sharing poetry with the world for most of her life. Her electrifying live performances have garnered critical appraise. She has been a frequent guest on NPR and has beenContinue reading “Poet & Podcast Host, Ariana R Cherry speaks with National Slam Poet Winner Gayle Danley”

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month

If you didn’t know this already, October is domestic violence awareness month. I myself left an emotional, verbal, psychological and financially abusive relationship back in late 2014. Today, I try to spread awareness in hopes to help others leave such kind of relationships. In light of it being October and to spread awareness, I designedContinue reading “October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month”

Original Poetry & Art: Art of my Soul

ART OF MY SOUL Fragments of my imagination, Sparkle from regions of my creativity and swirl from the depths of my soul. The magic that flows from my fingers to paper, spill into colors from the rainbow, lighting up a once blank space. The art that splatters the sheet of paper, can sometimes express whatContinue reading “Original Poetry & Art: Art of my Soul”

Sharing a project: Cool new hanging wall art I have created

As I have been trying to feel my way through opening an Etsy store and work towards a goal of selling both my art and poetry together, I found a neat new way to “mash” it all together. I found these cute cute hanging ceramic wall signs that I could customize with my art andContinue reading “Sharing a project: Cool new hanging wall art I have created”

Where do you find inspiration for art?

I have been submerging myself back into my art again and trying to post it online in my Etsy shop and also building a website with my products as well. Building a website and putting your art for sale can be a bit exciting, yet a little scary, because you don’t know if it willContinue reading “Where do you find inspiration for art?”

Photos of Late Fourth of July fireworks in central Illinois

As we all know, in 2020, many things were canceled because of the COVID19 pandemic. And then this year, the town where I live in Illinois, tried to schedule fireworks two different times the weekend before the 4th of July – but the weather interfered and they were canceled once again. Because the town whereContinue reading “Photos of Late Fourth of July fireworks in central Illinois”

YouTube Shorts: The Moon Knows my Heart Poem

So I am not sure if this is a new thing – or I just noticed it the other day, but I saw where Youtube is allowing creators to make “shorts,” similar to short videos found on “Tik-Tok.” I thought – what a perfect opportunity to create some short poetry videos! I recently created aContinue reading “YouTube Shorts: The Moon Knows my Heart Poem”

Art on Etsy (Full Moon Art)

I’ve been creating ACEO/ ATC (Art Trading Cards) and listing them for sale. I’ve slowly been creating unique journals too… although I’ve created more art than the journals and notebooks. If you haven’t stopped by yet, check out some of my listings that I have on Etsy. Perhaps you may find a few that youContinue reading “Art on Etsy (Full Moon Art)”