Spoken Word Poetry Reading Video With original piano accompaniment: Mother Moon

Awhile back, I posted a poem here on my blog titled, “Mother Moon.” Recently, I wrote and created a piano accompaniment for background music to it. I recited and recorded the poem and then added the background music to it. Afterwards, I produced a video as well. Below is the result of the final project.Continue reading “Spoken Word Poetry Reading Video With original piano accompaniment: Mother Moon”

Original Inspirational Poetry: “Purpose”

Here is a short poem that I wrote the other day about our purpose in life. I wrote it down on paper and then used some alcohol markers to color the background. I hope that it inspires you and your purpose in life… And then I also recorded the reading on my poetry podcast. YouContinue reading “Original Inspirational Poetry: “Purpose””

Original Poem: Life…loading.

Life Loading I could be angry, If I sit and think about all the time That was taken away from me… A year of abundant solitude, Time stolen that I would have spent with family and friends, Holidays altered, Businesses shuttered. Jobs lost. Lives lost. So many people’s lives thrown into an upheaval, As weContinue reading “Original Poem: Life…loading.”

Podcast: Meet the Author/Artist Series: Ron Fitzgerald’s Incantations & Illusions

Listen to the podcast on Podbean —–> https://www.podbean.com/media/share/pb-4v2hd-f7f747 Ron Fitzgerald is a Gothic Illusionist who begins his acts with poetic-like incantations that are both creations of his own and pulled from some of his favorite inspirations – such as classic actor, Vincent Price.  In this episode, we take another look at how Ron develops hisContinue reading “Podcast: Meet the Author/Artist Series: Ron Fitzgerald’s Incantations & Illusions”

Spoken Word Poetry: Missing You at Christmas

This special Christmas poem is dedicated to anyone who may be missing someone at Christmas this year… PREVIEW “…This year, the air is a little different, even though the Christmas lights still shine just as bright The year has been tough, filled with struggles, and maybe, not even laughing as much. It is true, thatContinue reading “Spoken Word Poetry: Missing You at Christmas”

Spoken Word Poetry Video: Shine A Light

Here lately, I have been trying to add more of my poetry to YouTube and create videos from it. The newest one that I have added to my Spoken Word Poetry Reading playlist is titled, “Shine A Light.” If you’ve like to stay updated to when I post a new video, be sure to subscribeContinue reading “Spoken Word Poetry Video: Shine A Light”

Original Written Poetry- America needs love again.

LOVE HAS TAKEN A VACATION “There once was a nation that had compassion and hope. But its people grew angry and greedy, and their pockets were never full enough. It’s kind of sad now… It seems as if love has taken a vacation.” – Ariana R Cherry

Spoken Word Poetry: Meet the Authors Series with Author, Lorraine Reguly

https://www.podbean.com/media/share/pb-d686x-f0e966 In this episode, host, Ariana R Cherry, speaks with inspirational author, Lorraine Reguly. After experiencing trauma in her young life and overcoming difficult obstacles, she turned “Nope to Hope,” and began to see life in a more positive light.  We also had the pleasure of hearing some poetry that Lorraine had written too. TakeContinue reading “Spoken Word Poetry: Meet the Authors Series with Author, Lorraine Reguly”

Spoken Word Performance Poetry: Everyone Has Something to Lose, Something to Gain

https://www.podbean.com/media/share/pb-gn7vh-f0e945 Everyone continues to fight for freedoms, equality and everyone, wants their voice heard… But in the middle of a crowded room, nobody’s voice will be heard if everyone is talking at once… There needs to be unity, love and respect for all. To read and learn more about poet, Ariana R Cherry, visit herContinue reading “Spoken Word Performance Poetry: Everyone Has Something to Lose, Something to Gain”