Spoken Poetry Reading Performance: Halloween Tales & Poems: The Lady at the Round Rustic Table

An entertaining poetry reading and poetry performance for the Halloween season that tells the tale of an evil witch who takes away other peoples’ youth….For people try to hold their youth close for as long as they can, but eventually, the fine lines of old age becomes us-which is what some people fear- getting old.Continue reading “Spoken Poetry Reading Performance: Halloween Tales & Poems: The Lady at the Round Rustic Table”

Inspirational Written Poetry: We are Time

Time slithers through the seconds as it makes momentarily lapses through each minute, but ponders on the hour. Moments freeze as if to take a photo, capturing a memory before it races by. We are time… Time lives in us. Time controls our movements as we leap through life, Before we turn to dust… writtenContinue reading “Inspirational Written Poetry: We are Time”

Author Website Makeover

If some of you have been to this website lately, you might have noticed that I gave it a bit of a make-over. With a little bit of more extra time on my hands lately (staying home to hide from “Rona 2020”), I’ve been looking for ways to improve my online presence. One way toContinue reading “Author Website Makeover”

Share your poetry on Poetry Essentials Hub

Recently, I started a poetry website called, Poetry Essentials Hub (http://www.poetryessentialshub.com) . It is a place that showcases poetry videos, poetry podcasts, poetry news and even a way to publish your poetry. On the website, I am beginning to post poetry from other poets. If you are a poet who would like to share yourContinue reading “Share your poetry on Poetry Essentials Hub”

Spoken Word Poetry Video: Poe is Out- an original poem

This is a new poetry video I created recently that features a poem I wrote awhile back in it… I tried to make it “atmospheric” with only text and background… It is about having a stories in you that you have been afraid to share for so long, and would only share “the good ones.”Continue reading “Spoken Word Poetry Video: Poe is Out- an original poem”

New Poetry Website to check out – Poetry Essentials Hub

If you are a fan of poetry, then you may like my new website, “Poetry Essentials Hub.” It is a website that has links to Spoken Word Poetry Podcast, poetry videos, a new gift store, poetry groups on Facebook, publishing poetry and other literary works and links to books that you can browse and/or buy.Continue reading “New Poetry Website to check out – Poetry Essentials Hub”

Listen to a Performance Poetry Reading: May I Have this Dance?

A preview of the poem, “May I Have This Dance?” is below. I hope you enjoy this performance poetry reading from my podcast, Spoken Word Poetry Podcast. ************************** May I have this dance? I stand here in the corner in some type of foggy trance. May I have this dance? It’s been a while sinceContinue reading “Listen to a Performance Poetry Reading: May I Have this Dance?”