Poetry: Warrior Angels

  WARRIOR ANGELS We are not broken We are not battered…   Our souls might have shattered, but they will be mended, as each piece is put back together…   We are warriors, our hearts were not broken – they were only conditioned, so that they could grow stronger.   When the desolate fog creepsContinue reading “Poetry: Warrior Angels”

Random Survey: Testing Your Memory

So often, we start to notice things in life more as we get older – perhaps we either become more aware – or it is just that things are changing at a rapid speed… Somewhere along the way – there are small changes here and there that just happen – But is it because weContinue reading “Random Survey: Testing Your Memory”

Poetry: I Was Lost

  I was lost, but didn’t know it until you found me… I was blind, but didn’t realize it until I looked mercy straight in the face. I was dust in the wind, but didn’t realize it, until I was burned. I was broken… But I didn’t fall into pieces until you held me inContinue reading “Poetry: I Was Lost”

Poetry: Burning the Embers

              Burning the Embers Through the flames of the rising burning fire, she saw all the glory that awaited her. The embers burned with all of the haunting memories of a haunted past as they were swept away in the cold breezy air. Every ember was a moment inContinue reading “Poetry: Burning the Embers”

Life on Pause:Religion: Christianity & spirtuality …confusion in my life

Religion seems to be such a large part of who we are in life… It is a tradition passed on to us through our family and something we grow up learning about. We attend church services based on what religion we identify with. And if we are lucky, we continue following in those same footsteps,Continue reading “Life on Pause:Religion: Christianity & spirtuality …confusion in my life”

Life on Pause: Peace is still hard to find on “pause”

Recovery. I wait for that… Even though you might have left a difficult situation, the memories, sounds and words are all still there. At one time, you allowed yourself to be vulnerable. You let yourself trust others. You opened yourself up. And then, you were stepped on, beat down and the life was almost suckedContinue reading “Life on Pause: Peace is still hard to find on “pause””