Testing your faith in life when others let you down.

It always feels good to be a part of something -especially if that something has been a big part of your life-whether it be belonging to a particular group or organization or a church…. But when it’s been a major part of your life from childhood and it lets you down- that is when yourContinue reading “Testing your faith in life when others let you down.”

Poetry : That Haunted Breath Upon my Ear

That Haunted Breath Upon my Ear The memories haunt my nighttime dreams… The images are as raw as the flesh upon Adam and Eve’s skin. Fear withers into my mind when your voice breathes upon my ear. It is like you are still here – When you are the one that I fear to beContinue reading “Poetry : That Haunted Breath Upon my Ear”

Artwork: Oil Painting using Art Rage Touch App

I downloaded a new app in the Windows Store the other day called Art Rage Touch. It has tools such as oil paints, watercolor, ink pen, crayons, pencil and marker. I tried creating an oil painting and it was almost like using the real thing and you could blend and manipulate the paint realistically too.Continue reading “Artwork: Oil Painting using Art Rage Touch App”

Life on Pause: With Faith, here is my testimony

So. you’ve read my posts about Faith and Karma? (If not, you need to click here). And after you have done so – continue reading. Everyone has a story- or perhaps they call it- Their Testimony. We all are like books with an awaiting autobiography to happen. A testimony is also a story that revealsContinue reading “Life on Pause: With Faith, here is my testimony”

Life on Pause: Tests of faith? or Karma?

We are presented with different tests and lessons in life. We are exposed to various life experiences. Those experiences help us learn and grow wiser …. They also can make us question why we have to go through certain experiences. When trial enters into our lives, it makes us question – why ? Why hasContinue reading “Life on Pause: Tests of faith? or Karma?”

My Art for Sale on eBay

My latest digital art drawings are for sale on eBay. Prints are for sale starting at $8.99.  All prints are signed, unframed and unmatted. They are printed on heavy cardstock paper. http://www.ebay.com/sch/sentimentaljewelsnbeauty/m.html?item=262291894181&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2562

Life on Pause: Testing Your Faith: How Much is too much?

  As I closed a door on a hurtful past, I always would have one thing on my mind… What would God say in my situation? Did he believe that I was doing the right thing? As Christians, we are taught to love one another, be forgiving and help others trust,  learn and grow closerContinue reading “Life on Pause: Testing Your Faith: How Much is too much?”