Poetry: The Climb to Christmas

  THE CLIMB to Christmas Years have passed, and I’ve seen the holiday season in many forms. As a young child, I sensed the growing excitement, the anticipation and innocent hope. Sparkling Christmas lights were magical and the air felt…different- surreal.. Through time, my mentality aged. Years move forward like speeds of light. A darknessContinue reading “Poetry: The Climb to Christmas”

Life on Pause: “You’ve Taught Me”

  You’ve taught me that I am stronger than I thought I was… You’ve taught me that I can move on… I am fearless I am independent… Heartbreak I have had, It still is healing. You’ve taught me that life goes on. As time moved on, I’ve learned that love is real- it doesn’t haven’tContinue reading “Life on Pause: “You’ve Taught Me””

Photography: Sunlight Peaking Through Fog

A couple days ago, the fog was pretty thick during the morning and evening. Sunlight kept trying to peak through the fog and clouds and at time, it sometimes even looked like the moon in a way. It was amazing to watch the fog literally rolling in the sky around the sun… I tried toContinue reading “Photography: Sunlight Peaking Through Fog”

Life on Pause- as a personal story novel

Enjoyed reading “Life on Pause” so far? I am thinking of turning it into a personal story novel. I was browsing through Barnes and Nobles awhile back and so some blogs that had been turned into published books- and I thought-why can’t I do the same?… It might make a good book after some moreContinue reading “Life on Pause- as a personal story novel”

Life on Pause: Joy to the World

  Halloween has come and gone… The turkey has been ate and the leftovers have been fixed… So what comes  next? …Mistletoe and holly… Christmas spirit and silent nights… The holidays are upon us…again. Every year, as I get older, Christmas gets a little harder… The roughest Christmas was the first one after I lostContinue reading “Life on Pause: Joy to the World”

Life on Pause: Still Standing

It’s been pretty much a year since my life took a drastic turn and everything I pretty much ever knew got a total overhaul. I know I have mentioned that already before, but this month, November, will make it a year… Sometimes, I feel like I could be just waking up again, and perhaps IContinue reading “Life on Pause: Still Standing”

What Happens When We Go Incognito?

There’s been a point in our lives – when we weren’t really ourselves… Whether that is if we were acting as someone else for a bit in  a play, dressed up for Halloween or perhaps- we mentally, checked out, even if we were physically there… It’s interesting to see how people will treat us, whenContinue reading “What Happens When We Go Incognito?”