FIFTY SHADES OF GREY—More than just sex- It has depth

FIFTY SHADES OF GREY— A Raw Love Story filled with Depth and Emotion- It is not just about Sex I’ll admit, that when it came to Fifty Shades of Grey, I was like most of the majority mainstreamers out there, thinking that there was the possibility that this book carried horrific sex scenes and thatContinue reading “FIFTY SHADES OF GREY—More than just sex- It has depth”

Frozen Tundra

A million unvisited sacred miles spiraling down an unholy frozen tundra. Another dimension of a tormented Hell. A cold forgotten place trapped with mind torturing memories that its visitors never tell. The frigid air captures an aching heart with a bite, sending continuous body entrapping shivers that threaten any ability to fight. Trapped, listless andContinue reading “Frozen Tundra”

Ariana Cherry’s Twisted Paths Poetry is now available at Amazon…

Ariana R. Cherry’s first horror collection is available! If you loved reading her horror poem on her blog, you won’t be disappointed…. Purchase Twisted Paths Poetry At the end of every dark tunnel, there is always light. The things that haunt our dreams, minds and hearts are often personal fears that can drive us mad.Continue reading “Ariana Cherry’s Twisted Paths Poetry is now available at Amazon…”

Magnetic Poetry: “Secrets”

Today, I found one of those cool magnetic poetry books. Wrote my first “magnetic poem” and will start sharing them from time to time! Enjoy! Wild wind grows Through dark leaves. Immense love In a red evening When secrets burn the tongue. People are consumed By what man has Only he will not tell youContinue reading “Magnetic Poetry: “Secrets””