Listen to a Performance Poetry Reading: May I Have this Dance?

A preview of the poem, “May I Have This Dance?” is below. I hope you enjoy this performance poetry reading from my podcast, Spoken Word Poetry Podcast. ************************** May I have this dance? I stand here in the corner in some type of foggy trance. May I have this dance? It’s been a while sinceContinue reading “Listen to a Performance Poetry Reading: May I Have this Dance?”

Inspirational poetry: I Dream of a Simpler Time

I was staring out the car window daydreaming about my old childhood hometown. I thought about the ole’ neighborhood and all of my senior-aged neighbors, The evenings I spent playing with all the kids on the block, while the neighbors watched. And how those times were simple… so simple, compared to the chaos today. WeContinue reading “Inspirational poetry: I Dream of a Simpler Time”

Original Written Poetry: If We Worked Together

If We All Worked Together I remember a time, when it was okay to give and receive hugs And now, within this new world, without that special touch, The emotions of my heart, it feels all of those desperate tugs. Every spectrum of this fight, the left, the right… They are all in this battle,Continue reading “Original Written Poetry: If We Worked Together”

Spoken Word Poetry Reading: Society’s Chain

I wrote and recited a short poem, titled, “Society’s Chain.” Today’s world is in chaos and the chain that has united us all, seems to be breaking. #Love and #unity is on the verge of breaking down, and people seem to be at #war. Our society is hurting. It is not just sick with aContinue reading “Spoken Word Poetry Reading: Society’s Chain”

Spoken Word Poetry Video… Everyone has something to lose

A spoken word poem and video which I wrote and created that depicts today’s chaos in our society and the disagreement that is between so many people… “We all come from different walks of life, full of personal stories.” “Everyone has something to lose, something to gain. Not one of us are the same.” MayContinue reading “Spoken Word Poetry Video… Everyone has something to lose”

Spoken Word Poetry: May I Have this Dance?

Listen to one of Ariana’s recent Spoken Word Poetry Podcast recordings. This time she reads, “May I Have This Dance?”….. “May I have this dance? It has been awhile since I’ve seen your face or felt your embrace…. Let’s make our own timeless trance.” Click below to listen to Ariana read her poem.

Society’s Chain

Our society is on the verge of an internal break-down. So many are ailing –  Not just from a worldly contagious virus, But so many have relapsed in what their ideas of respect are, And where they store hope. Perhaps our world just isn’t ill with a terrible malady, But it is developing a disabilityContinue reading “Society’s Chain”


A poem that I wrote…. Just depicting today’s chaos in our society and how there is so much disagreement on just about everything…************************************************************************ NOBODY IS THE SAME We are all exquisite unique individuals born with our own original traits. We all come from different walks of life, full of personal stories. Those pages of ourContinue reading “POETRY: NOBODY IS THE SAME”