Poetry written & performed by Ariana Cherry

Listen to words written from the heart and performed by the soul… Spoken word poetry with a bit of performance art, stories and poems wrapped all into one. You can listen to Spoken Words Poetry Podcast on Anchor, iHeart Radio, Spotify, Apple iTunes and several other platforms…

Listen to Spoken Word Poetry 

Ariana’s “Poetry Singles” are available for sale on Amazon!


FacebookNightMovesRadioCover (1)


“The night has come…
A pale moon shines below
and the stars are twinkling lights…

It must be time for Night Moves Radio…

We’ll be moving to the groovy music,

getting lost in the words and be entranced by timeless art….

Part of “Cloverleaf Radio Network” network, Night Moves Radio is a weekly podcast that airs its shows on Anchor, Spotify, Apple iTunes and a few more.  Join host, Ariana and co-host, Josh as they interview authors, musicians and artists from around the world… From the known…to the unknown…Ariana & Josh are “moving their guests’ voices” throughout the night to make them heard!


If you’d like to be interviewed on Night Moves Radio, email Ariana R Cherry at arianathepoet@gmail.com.

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