The New Normal with COVID 19: One week Shelter in Place in Photos: Arthur, IL

On a Friday and Saturday, I walked around our tourist town to take some photos to show how empty it was after one week of “Shelter in Place.” Normally on a Friday night, our 133 highway is busy with families heading to dinner, an event at the school, or just out and about. Even thoughContinue reading “The New Normal with COVID 19: One week Shelter in Place in Photos: Arthur, IL”

Poetry: Chasing Rainbows (While on Narcotics–Prescription of course)

Okay, so I’ve been having some bad back pain. I was prescribed some halfway potent pain killers. And..well they’ve had some interesting side-effects.. one-of making me feel like I am barely here and having some very–umm..creative thoughts. So, what is a writer to do with these-weird feelings? Of course.. write something! So I came upContinue reading “Poetry: Chasing Rainbows (While on Narcotics–Prescription of course)”

Dark Poetry: Where’s the Love

Still is the air In a world gone black. Peace knows no glory And all hope was released into a red cresent moon, When humanity traded their souls, For an unknown deadly cost. The remaining few gasp for air In a failing world Of lost spirit, And confused identities… They refused to turn in theirContinue reading “Dark Poetry: Where’s the Love”

Amish buggy in Arthur, Illinois

My Amish Buggy Photo Gift….  A potholder. This is an original Amish buggy in Arthur, Illninois- the heart of Amishland. $20.00 Pot holders can fancy up your favorite dishes and also make a great housewarming gift! These pot holders are thick and durable to protect you and your furniture from hot or cold items. AddContinue reading “Amish buggy in Arthur, Illinois”

Photograph: Amish Buggy in Arthur, Illinois

Seeing Amish buggies in Arthur, Illinois is a common occurence. Although, for some who don’t live around this area, they don’t see it often. Thought I would take a photo of one to share with those of you who follow my blog. I know to some, it is pretty awesome to see these, since theyContinue reading “Photograph: Amish Buggy in Arthur, Illinois”