Poetry: Warrior Angels

  WARRIOR ANGELS We are not broken We are not battered…   Our souls might have shattered, but they will be mended, as each piece is put back together…   We are warriors, our hearts were not broken – they were only conditioned, so that they could grow stronger.   When the desolate fog creepsContinue reading “Poetry: Warrior Angels”

The Mission for Nali: Prologue

I am starting a new novel titled, “The Mission of Nali.” It deals with living life and then – the afterlife… And all the in between – The Lords, Earth Angels and Healers. I decided to share the start of my prologue. I would be happy to hear your comments…. _______________ Prologue Beyond this lifeContinue reading “The Mission for Nali: Prologue”

Poem: Angels Words of Change

The Angel’s Words of Change I hear you whispering the words in my ear, I feel your breath tingle on my cheek because you are so near. An angel from the universe, your words are like a kiss spoken with love that I’ve never heard. You call to me in the late of the evening,Continue reading “Poem: Angels Words of Change”

Fallen Angel Poetry: Broken Wings

Broken Wings An angel of repentance with a heart of stone. A heart that was once soft to the touch, now lay dormant, cold as rigid ice. Her long dark flowing hair wrapped around a pale slim body adorned with broken wings torn to shame, which she wore like bad memories. The fallen angel onceContinue reading “Fallen Angel Poetry: Broken Wings”

Poem: They Were One

Back last October (2014), was an interesting month. Seemed like a lot of magical spiritual things were happening. A personal experience that month inspired this poem, and I posted it on Facebook, but it never made it to my blog. So I am posting it now…. —————————————————————————————— THEY WERE ONE Echoes of pure angels sang outContinue reading “Poem: They Were One”

Horror Poetry: Twisted Apart

TWISTED APART ************************** Twisted heart Tortured confused soul, Trying to capture the light, But instead, it ended up Tearing her spirit apart. Alone in her corrupted thoughts She reached for the moon and the stars… But instead, found herself slain. Under the moonlight, Her hair swept over her slender shoulders, and golden eyes became darkened,Continue reading “Horror Poetry: Twisted Apart”

Poem: Fallen and Taken

On the floor, she wept after her fall from grace. Tortured and torn, her wings were of no use from her fallen freedom. Weak and alone, she fell to the floor and no longer rose above the kingdom. All powers lost. She awaits her final destiny, with the reaper at bay. -Ariana R. Cherry 2015

Poem: “FALLEN”

She stood in the stillness of the mist from a silver moonlight… Waiting for the whispers, To tell her the story of the stars… She waited for the truth of her story. The moment, when her moon, met the universe of her world. In the midst, she strolled slowly, listening to her heartbeat echo inContinue reading “Poem: “FALLEN””