The New Normal With Covid19: 2 weeks Shelter in Place

Today marked two weeks we’ve had “Shelter in Place.” We’ve been social distancing since March 16 ( I think?)… Our Shelter in Place has been extended until April 30 and the CDC is suggesting that we wear masks in public places now. Illinois has surpassed 10,000 positive cases and has 243 deaths. Our county (DOUGLAS)Continue reading “The New Normal With Covid19: 2 weeks Shelter in Place”

“Layers of Anxiety” Poetry Video

I created a video for my poem, “Layers of Anxiety.” Some of you who follow my blog may have read and heard me recite it.  When I have extra time, I am trying to make some videos to go along with my poems… Hope you find the video interesting. Thank you for following my blog,Continue reading ““Layers of Anxiety” Poetry Video”

Poetry: Layers of Anxiety

Layers of Anxiety Rapid pulsating quick heartbeats dance as nervous drops of sweat drip down a clammy forehead, as you try not to concentrate on the worries swimming in your head after you have spoken. Shaking palms and wobbly legs stumble on a flat ground as if it were a balancing beam, when you walkContinue reading “Poetry: Layers of Anxiety”

Dark Poetry: Secrets of Mortality

Secrets of Mortality ———————– Our own mortality. One of the things that humans fear the most. Death. The end. ultimate termination. The cryptic darkness that awaits as we pray for the everlasting bright light. Mortality. It haunts us through the very core of our thin skin. In the loneliness of a moonless midnight we layContinue reading “Dark Poetry: Secrets of Mortality”

Life on Pause: Impatient and frustrated

I have to admit…I’m anxious. My mind is busy. It is quite tired. I do not like to wait – especially on things that I have no control over. I don’t need to be able to control every situation- but when it is something IMPORTANT to do with my life – I hate that theContinue reading “Life on Pause: Impatient and frustrated”