My Art for Sale on eBay

My latest digital art drawings are for sale on eBay. Prints are for sale starting at $8.99.  All prints are signed, unframed and unmatted. They are printed on heavy cardstock paper.

Graphiter Art: Rose Sketch

I downloaded an ap on my Nextbook 2 in 1 laptop/tablet called “Graphiter.” I like to doodle and draw in my free time and I thought I would see what I could do with this. It is a little different drawing with a stylus. I may see about buying some drawing styluses… Below is aContinue reading “Graphiter Art: Rose Sketch”

Posted Artwork: Zentangle Evolution

Aside from writing, as noted here on my website, I also do some artwork occassionally. I like to do doodles (known as Zentangle – or just some fancy abstract doodles) and cartoons and anything else I decide to try out. I have been entering the county fair in my area since I was about 17Continue reading “Posted Artwork: Zentangle Evolution”