Podcast: Meet the Author/Artist Series: Ron Fitzgerald’s Incantations & Illusions

Listen to the podcast on Podbean —–> https://www.podbean.com/media/share/pb-4v2hd-f7f747 Ron Fitzgerald is a Gothic Illusionist who begins his acts with poetic-like incantations that are both creations of his own and pulled from some of his favorite inspirations – such as classic actor, Vincent Price.  In this episode, we take another look at how Ron develops hisContinue reading “Podcast: Meet the Author/Artist Series: Ron Fitzgerald’s Incantations & Illusions”

“Layers of Anxiety” Poetry Video

I created a video for my poem, “Layers of Anxiety.” Some of you who follow my blog may have read and heard me recite it.  When I have extra time, I am trying to make some videos to go along with my poems… Hope you find the video interesting. Thank you for following my blog,Continue reading ““Layers of Anxiety” Poetry Video”

I am starting a new publishing press

I have been wanting to start my own small publishing press for quite some time – although, I knew that I needed to gain some experience creating and publishing my own books first. I’ve been self-publishing since about 2004. I released my first book, “The Real Me-Xtended” in 2004… It definitely was quite simple andContinue reading “I am starting a new publishing press”

Night Moves Radio with Brian K Morris & Ron Fitzgerald.

Thursday evening, August 24 @ 8pm Central/9pm Eastern, we tuned in with the talented and witty author, Brian K Morris and in the second half, our friend and Gothic Illusionist, Ron Fitzgerald! Brian gave advice for writing, inspiration and attending conventions…. and also promoted their comic book series, Bachelor’s Grove along with Ron Fitzgerald… ItContinue reading “Night Moves Radio with Brian K Morris & Ron Fitzgerald.”

Night Moves Radio – Episode 1 with musician & author, Howie Bentley

Our first episode of Night Moves Radio aired Thursday evening at 8pm Central. While it was a good show, we did have a few technical glitches – as we all know – the first time with things seems to never be perfect . It makes for good learning though….If you missed it live, you canContinue reading “Night Moves Radio – Episode 1 with musician & author, Howie Bentley”

Books & Photography for sale in Ariana’s Author Shop

  Ariana has created a small online shop featuring her current published books and postcards with her photography. You can purchase postcards for $2.00 each. Her books are priced anywhere from $6-$10. If you are interested in purchasing a book from her, visit her shop at: https://www.facebook.com/pg/ArianathePoet/shop/

Author News: Only If : part 2 – “processing…”

Michael, ignoring my question, pulled me down to the open seat. “Now, miss Clara, sit. Rest. You must be worn from caring for Agatha. Tell me, lovely…all the demons that haunt your mind. I know…that kiss was not just by accident.” …. *********************************************************** Clara is squirming as she tells me her story…..She has not forgotten!Continue reading “Author News: Only If : part 2 – “processing…””

News: Author Interview on Read Write Club

I was interviewed at the Read Write Club website and asked a series of questions- some of them asked about how I was inspired, what I am currently reading and upcoming projects… Check out the interview by clicking on the link below: http://www.readwriteclub.com/ariana-r-cherry/

Life as an Indie Horror Writer: What inspires you?

A question writers often get asked…. “What inspires you? I  am here to answer that question. I always find it an easy question to answer – because the thing that inspires me – is what is directly in front of me – LIFE! There are so many things to life – How can you notContinue reading “Life as an Indie Horror Writer: What inspires you?”

Life as an Indie Horror Writer: The fear of my novels & collections floating into the abyss of forgotten books.

  It really can be scary – being a little book in such a large world of books. As an indie author – we feel that we might have just wrote one of the most fear-inducing books – but there is that chance – our story could float into the abyss of total darkness… InContinue reading “Life as an Indie Horror Writer: The fear of my novels & collections floating into the abyss of forgotten books.”