…  I know that it has been at least since the third week of March that we have been at this “Stay at home shelter,” thing.  I am starting to lose count. Whether it has been a month, month and a half, or almost two months, any way you look at it, it feelsContinue reading “The New Normal With COVID19: THE COVID BATTLES”

Poetry: Foreign Inhabitants (a poem about chronic pain)

  Foreign Inhabitants ——————- …she runs her jagged fingernails down the length of the bare white wall, Leaving a trail of chipped paint behind…. Carefully, she tries to stifle the scream that attempts to escape her dry parched lips. A tear dances down her damp rosy cheek, As once again, her tired mind attempts aContinue reading “Poetry: Foreign Inhabitants (a poem about chronic pain)”

Poetry: Battle of My Dreams

Battle of My Dreams   Night after night, as my head hits the evening pillow, I wish the moon adieu and close my tired eyes tight…   I await to blissfully nod off into a cosmic starlit darkness, but mixed psychedelic memories play scene after scene throughout my mind… As my conscious battles with myContinue reading “Poetry: Battle of My Dreams”

Dark Poetry: Taken for Battle

  Taken for Battle —————————————- Walking under the bright iridescent moonlight and sparkling wishful stars, I had witnessed a scene of serenity. For I did not choose the cryptic darkness that switched off the light to my stars or unplugged my moon… It had simply grabbed my frightened hand with its frozen touch, spiraling meContinue reading “Dark Poetry: Taken for Battle”

Inspirational Poetry: I’ll Stop the War

I’ll Stop the War You weren’t there for the battle, You didn’t feel my injured heart when it broke in a million pieces.. The door was closed… The windows were shut. Outside, the stars were performing a beautiful dance under the moonlight, But indoors, an atrocious storm was brewing in the midst of darkness. TheContinue reading “Inspirational Poetry: I’ll Stop the War”