Poetry: What if Life Were a Metaphor?

What if Life were a Metaphor? ———————————————– Take a moment, unwind your busy thoughtful mind… Unfurl the concepts, the now…and what is.. My friend, I ask you this… What if life, were merely, a metaphor? That vast life, and never-ending beauty all around was purely out of reach… That somehow, this was just another entrance,Continue reading “Poetry: What if Life Were a Metaphor?”

Dark Poetry: Searching for Peace

Sometimes, the mind is quite intricate and perplexing, creating much thought but overwhelms us with its beauty, all at once.   Searching for Peace —————————- The disturbing scenes that replay in a troubled mind, make a serene peace so hard to find. A bright light flickers on… and then quickly…off. Raging emotions run incredibly wild,Continue reading “Dark Poetry: Searching for Peace”

Photography: Paintings in the Sky

There were beautiful skies on the way to my piano lessons and  seeing Star Wars: Rogue One Tuesday evening. These were taken along the interstate on the way to Mattoon in the car – the colors were just amazing. It’s scenes like these that I see in the sky – that makes me wonder howContinue reading “Photography: Paintings in the Sky”

Sunsets are my Heaven

I adore taking photographs of Sunsets… No matter what your day may have been like, if a sunset is beautiful – It makes everything better…. It’s the best thing next to chocolate and coffee in my life 😉 Sunsets are peaceful and one example- that a higher power exists out there…A sunset..is not just science.