Dark Poetry: Untold Secrets

Untold Secrets Through the heavy depths of a cloudy murky fog, Secrets lay low, careful to not make a sound. Behind the black curtain of hidden darkness, the unknown is still, waiting to be released to the unexpected. Inside the lonely night of moonlight and stars, one’s hope is deceiving as madness waits to scream.Continue reading “Dark Poetry: Untold Secrets”

Handmade Jewelry: Black Hemp & Chain Bracelet

I am going to start posting my handmade jewelry on my blog for anyone who is interested. Aside from writing , drawing and digital painting, I  also like to make handmade jewelry. If anyone is interested in purchasing, I will take offers. ___________________ Handmade black hemp and chain bracelet with glass beads and turquoise charm.

Dark Poetry: Hungry Wolves of Black Friday

HUNGRY WOLVES OF BLACK FRIDAY ———————————————— Just some miles hidden within the utter darkness, I could hear their earnest mourns and undoubted cries. They echoed horrendously off sensitive eardrums which brought painful tears to swollen sinus driven eyes. Deafening cries and mourns similar to rabid hungry wolves yelling out atrocious obscenities over careless irrelevant matters.Continue reading “Dark Poetry: Hungry Wolves of Black Friday”

Humorous Horror Poetry: The Lady at the Round Rustic Table

Alone in a dark cool downstairs room, seated around an old rustic round table, sits an elderly woman with long black hair and white highlights woven through. Her long wrinkled fingers with brittle nails, and chipped red polish tap on the old rustic table, As the black candle dances Illuminating the dark cool room. DressedContinue reading “Humorous Horror Poetry: The Lady at the Round Rustic Table”