Blog Series: “The New Normal” with COVID19 (days 1-3 of Social Distancing)

After some contemplating, (which I often do), and deciding that I am living within a historical event, I have decided to blog/journal the experience of living during COVID19. Being a writer, this is good for sorting out thoughts and dealing with anxiety and could perhaps become a project that I publish later.  COVID19 was aContinue reading “Blog Series: “The New Normal” with COVID19 (days 1-3 of Social Distancing)”

Recorded Spoken Word Poetry: “Dream World.”

Hello everyone! I am still recording some of my poems as “Spoken Word Poetry,” to create an album and upload them to Reverbnation. Recently, I recorded my poem, “Dream World.” Feel free to listen by clicking on the link to my mini podcast below. The poem itself is below. Thank you for your supportContinue reading “Recorded Spoken Word Poetry: “Dream World.””

Life Stuff: Women….and their relationship with their hair.

…So for this post, I am going to go a bit unpoetic and speak on something extremely “girly” -and this is not a topic I post on regularly on my blog…. But it is something I needed to get off my chest – so I am treating this as a journal like entry…I have neverContinue reading “Life Stuff: Women….and their relationship with their hair.”