Dark Poetry: Broken

Broken The moment I escaped out that door, I felt all of my frightened blood rushing to the floor. Out the door to a haunted world unknown, where I feared I’d be all alone. One too many times- you had cast the sacred stone. A desire for madness overtook a confused and broken heart asContinue reading “Dark Poetry: Broken”

COMING SOON: ONLY IF: Part 2: Clara’s Story

Like us on Facebook! ——–> https://www.facebook.com/OnlyIfPart2/ Clara will rise from the dead, March 2017 to tell her story. -and she wants revenge! Clara’s Introduction ——————— Obsession… Curiousity with death… I’ve had plenty. But to walk on the other side – to stare death in the face. Well – here I am. I’m looking at it. AndContinue reading “COMING SOON: ONLY IF: Part 2: Clara’s Story”

Dark Poetry: Life Thief

LIFE THIEF …trapped In a somber compassionless barren room. Thy thoughts were alone, whispering in her lonely chattering mind. Silence poured from its salvating mouth, while febrile air burned her face. Sinking low, impeled into a corner. Life thief! running away with thy mutilated heart, only to pour out its warm crimson blood. Held prisonerContinue reading “Dark Poetry: Life Thief”

Dark Poetry: She Holds the Keys

She Holds the Keys In the sparkling moonlight she did lay upon the damp bare ground gazing lazily at the dancing stars. Her beauty of innocence and peace reflecting upon thy night sky. Beyond such dazzling young eyes, was a genius mind filled with everlasting stories filled of yesteryear and wisdom of centuries… An oldContinue reading “Dark Poetry: She Holds the Keys”