Lost Angel Goddess

Lost Angel Goddess In the nighttime foggy mist, she kneels to the damp ground, under the glow of the full midnight moon. Her red glowing eyes lower, as she bows down in deep thought, speaking to the masters who went before her. In the cool air of the evening, she spread her long white angelContinue reading “Lost Angel Goddess”

Sweet Surrender

Under the glorious rays of sunlight beams, her eyes closed as a white warmth enveloped her body. There was no stopping the sweet surrender, no turning back. The black was burning into a bright flaming fire. Her soul was released. Her drowning soul could breathe. It would sing! Blowing out the flames of rage. AContinue reading “Sweet Surrender”

Divine Love

Under the super moon Of a late evening nighttime sky. I sit out on the lawn, Deep in thought,  Giving thoughts and questions In the form of a prayer…. Above, the stars twinkle and shine, The scene is so beautiful and divine… I can’t even fathom the thought of those Who believe that a GodContinue reading “Divine Love”

Rage Risen ( a narrative poem)

    Rage Risen Sometimes,the pain is too much.Anger and hurt, turn into rage,as another type of evil,lurks from its unlocked cage… People allow pain to come in,and take them places they’ve never been.And then there’s regret,No turning back…It becomes difficult, to find a connectionthat you can never get…—————————-On a late night of storms andContinue reading “Rage Risen ( a narrative poem)”

Horror Poem: TORTURED

A young woman sits alone in a dark room, bound by her own misery to an old worn tattered chair. She sulks silently, writhing in her own torture by disturbing memories of long ago… Delirious, she can’t seem to remember how she reached the bottom of these stairs, or why she is now bound toContinue reading “Horror Poem: TORTURED”

Humorous Horror Poetry: The Lady at the Round Rustic Table

Alone in a dark cool downstairs room, seated around an old rustic round table, sits an elderly woman with long black hair and white highlights woven through. Her long wrinkled fingers with brittle nails, and chipped red polish tap on the old rustic table, As the black candle dances Illuminating the dark cool room. DressedContinue reading “Humorous Horror Poetry: The Lady at the Round Rustic Table”

Horror Poetry: Spirit and Flesh

Inside a deep sleep was she. Bound within a deafening silence, only to be awakened to the horror that now was bestowed upon her. Between light and dark, she was unable to ascend, as now she found herself strapped down on a heavy metal table, where the torture would never end. To her, this mysteryContinue reading “Horror Poetry: Spirit and Flesh”