What is the Christmas Spirit?

Here is a link to a video showing my Christmas Prose Poetry which I wrote and read in my church a week last Sunday. It was also published in the Arthur Graphic Clarion – the local community newspaper in my town. Sadly, I will not be present to read it at this year’s Christmas eveContinue reading “What is the Christmas Spirit?”

Spoken Word Poetry: Missing You at Christmas

This special Christmas poem is dedicated to anyone who may be missing someone at Christmas this year… PREVIEW “…This year, the air is a little different, even though the Christmas lights still shine just as bright The year has been tough, filled with struggles, and maybe, not even laughing as much. It is true, thatContinue reading “Spoken Word Poetry: Missing You at Christmas”

Seasonal Poetry: Perfect Christmas

PERFECT CHRISTMAS Upon this Christmas night, a young girl sat under the midnight stars, Dreaming and wishing, upon the one that seemed to twinkle so bright. She wished for a Christmas that was perfect…. just right. For this year had been long, full of twists and turns, A few heartaches, and even some burns… InContinue reading “Seasonal Poetry: Perfect Christmas”

Poetry: Missing You at Christmas

With Christmas just a few days away, while it may seem joyous – for others, it can be a tough time… Sometimes, the holidays can bring on unexpected grief and make us miss those who have passed on even more… I have written a poem in light of that situation… I too can sometimes findContinue reading “Poetry: Missing You at Christmas”

Life on Pause: Waiting for the Magic

It is hard getting older… and those of you who are older than me – will tell me that I am still quite young and laugh at me – saying how I have so much life yet to live . Although, I will tell you- there are days that I feel much older than myContinue reading “Life on Pause: Waiting for the Magic”

Dark Poetry: Scrooged Soul

Scrooged Soul Inside the dear old aged man, a cracked heart once made of gold, was now broken, hurt with joyful stories he no longer told. Tunes of joyous delight, and Christmases of bright, hurt his somber soul. A once bright heart, had gone stone cold, a lustrous light gone in the dark. Tis, suchContinue reading “Dark Poetry: Scrooged Soul”

Poetry: The Climb to Christmas

  THE CLIMB to Christmas Years have passed, and I’ve seen the holiday season in many forms. As a young child, I sensed the growing excitement, the anticipation and innocent hope. Sparkling Christmas lights were magical and the air felt…different- surreal.. Through time, my mentality aged. Years move forward like speeds of light. A darknessContinue reading “Poetry: The Climb to Christmas”