Dark Poetry:The Outcast

The Outcast I’d rather not say that I am insane, My mind will not comprehend such a thing, Nor would appreciate you to suggest so…   But it is absolute pain that erases the numbness.. Not a smile, laugh, frown, sadness… Or your hand upon my knee… It is blunt pain, that paints such aContinue reading “Dark Poetry:The Outcast”

Dark Poetry: Trapped in Thy Mind

Deep lurid secrets were buried beneath innocent bones… Her skin unraveled aching to set them free. Beyond the light, something mystical was unsettling to thee… Shrieks of agony and Piercing screams of ecstasy echoed throughout thy delirious mind. Hidden memories lay dormant. Unsound. Unkept. The only escape were through the tears, thee wept. Erratic. deranged.Continue reading “Dark Poetry: Trapped in Thy Mind”

Poetry: Shine a Light

Shine a Light The cursor on the screen blinks on…and off…and on… Does she write what’s really on her mind? Will she dare share the thoughts that are hidden behind a dark wall, or does she turn on a light and let is shine? A few words typed out on a keyboard, displaying thoughts, secretsContinue reading “Poetry: Shine a Light”

Dark Poetry: Where’s the Love

Still is the air In a world gone black. Peace knows no glory And all hope was released into a red cresent moon, When humanity traded their souls, For an unknown deadly cost. The remaining few gasp for air In a failing world Of lost spirit, And confused identities… They refused to turn in theirContinue reading “Dark Poetry: Where’s the Love”

Spiraling into the Abyss

Spiraling into the abyss. Spiraling into a deep dark abyss, she was interrupted during a time when she had just started living. A second of her life, had become measured into increments of what felt like an eternity. The dark abyss had captured her overworked mind, A mind that had become restless, keeping her awakeContinue reading “Spiraling into the Abyss”

Poem: Prisoner to Pain

Prisoner to Pain The deep pull from within her soul, the feelings that got buried and locked away… Kept them from surfacing, so they couldn’t see the growing pain behind the glow in her loving eyes. The smile on her soft face, the ring in her joyful laughs, She hid every dark memory, to showContinue reading “Poem: Prisoner to Pain”

The Story and dance of the Demon Master (And how he caught his mortal souls)

  Beyond the damp dingy sewers and into the underground,where the earthworms burrow and termites bite,I creep within the soils, into the mud,below the trails of decaying rotting human flesh,in search of a satisfying delightful treat. For I spend much of my time,hidden into the earth’s darkness,in search of souls that bring me short-lived happyContinue reading “The Story and dance of the Demon Master (And how he caught his mortal souls)”