Dark Poetry: The Valley of Death & Dry Bones

  The Valley of Death and Dry Bones …once I trudged through that valley of death… I forsaw the malevolent evil as it reveald itself behind a dark foreboding curtain… Fear, it smiled wickedly, a mortal character it was, cackeling loudly, Frightening my innocent spirit and twisting my darkened soul as the child inside hungeredContinue reading “Dark Poetry: The Valley of Death & Dry Bones”

Poetry: The Piano Magic

The Piano Magic ************************************* Hidden in the backstreets within the fog of downtown New York, sat the remains of an old abandoned theater. Whispers and laughs of the yesteryear hung heavy in the air. A lonely darkness with remnants of a forgotten energy danced throughout the atmosphere. Towards the front of the ole’ performance room,Continue reading “Poetry: The Piano Magic”

Dark Poetry: Bits of Madness

BITS OF MADNESS Blinding periodical bits of madness that dances upon an estranged soul… A blackness that permeated a once bright light into a dull dark cloud, Covering a wild hidden forest with its own personal death shroud. Echoes of solemn wolf howls flow through the deep woods, releasing an invisible pain… A song ofContinue reading “Dark Poetry: Bits of Madness”

Dark Poetry: These Chains

THESE CHAINS The darkness was full of sorrow… And bleak. but it did not wither me, nor make me weak… For a time, I may have bathed in its mist, but the coolness of the frozen air, it lay brutal… My mind, it did try to twist. A putrid lonley darkness once haunted me. ItContinue reading “Dark Poetry: These Chains”

Dark Poetry: Broken

Broken The moment I escaped out that door, I felt all of my frightened blood rushing to the floor. Out the door to a haunted world unknown, where I feared I’d be all alone. One too many times- you had cast the sacred stone. A desire for madness overtook a confused and broken heart asContinue reading “Dark Poetry: Broken”

Dark Poetry: Words in the Wind

WORDS IN THE WIND Alone in the darkness, sometimes when she closed her innocent eyes, the heart-wrenching screaming would echo into the present …every detail vividly replaying in her mind. In the midst of a soft peace, …everything around her became so terribly loud, Although, the only one who heard the deafening noise, was she.Continue reading “Dark Poetry: Words in the Wind”

Dark Poetry: I Saw You Fall

I SAW YOU FALL I’ve seen the midnight darkness in your frigid eyes that once held a radiant sunshine day., I’ve heard the merriment in your affectionate gentle voice, only to hear it drown in dreadful resentment. For I only wish I knew what instilled itself in you, When you pulled my fractured heart fromContinue reading “Dark Poetry: I Saw You Fall”

Dark Poetry : The Perpetrator

  The Perpetrator Red-eyed salivating wolf growling with unemotional howls… You attack without regret and devour the souls of innocent victims. Preys of your hunt have found themselves chained and shackled to their own hearts, pulling for freedom in your devious game of tug-of-war… They grasp for one last life-line until their spirit cracks, waitingContinue reading “Dark Poetry : The Perpetrator”