Poetry Reading: The Lady at the Round Rustic Table

I am sharing a poetry reading from my YouTube Channel… I will be reading my horror poem/tale, “The Lady at the Round Rustic Table“…. You can read along with me and view my poem at: https://arianarcherry.wordpress.com/2014/07/07/humorous-horror-poetry-the-lady-at-the-round-rustic-table/ Hope you enjoy! _________________

Dark Poetry:The Outcast

The Outcast I’d rather not say that I am insane, My mind will not comprehend such a thing, Nor would appreciate you to suggest so…   But it is absolute pain that erases the numbness.. Not a smile, laugh, frown, sadness… Or your hand upon my knee… It is blunt pain, that paints such aContinue reading “Dark Poetry:The Outcast”

Life as an Indie Horror Writer: What inspires you?

A question writers often get asked…. “What inspires you? I  am here to answer that question. I always find it an easy question to answer – because the thing that inspires me – is what is directly in front of me – LIFE! There are so many things to life – How can you notContinue reading “Life as an Indie Horror Writer: What inspires you?”

News: Look for me at these 2017 Conventions

  In an attempt to gain more exposure to my poetry collections, I will be attending two conventions this year in the Illinois area. I will have copies of my books for sale and will autograph them with your purchase. The first event that I will be at is the Dark History and Horror ConventionContinue reading “News: Look for me at these 2017 Conventions”

Dark Poetry: Searching for Peace

Sometimes, the mind is quite intricate and perplexing, creating much thought but overwhelms us with its beauty, all at once.   Searching for Peace —————————- The disturbing scenes that replay in a troubled mind, make a serene peace so hard to find. A bright light flickers on… and then quickly…off. Raging emotions run incredibly wild,Continue reading “Dark Poetry: Searching for Peace”

Dark Poetry:Nightmares in Thy Mind

  Nightmares in Thy Mind Nobody realizes the horror that takes comfort in your own bed when terrible dreaded nightmares take estate in your wandering head. Restless thoughts of tormenting insecurities give birth in a relentless mind… It seems as if hope has escaped when faith has just began to blossom. In a dark room,Continue reading “Dark Poetry:Nightmares in Thy Mind”

Dark Poetry: Untold Secrets

Untold Secrets Through the heavy depths of a cloudy murky fog, Secrets lay low, careful to not make a sound. Behind the black curtain of hidden darkness, the unknown is still, waiting to be released to the unexpected. Inside the lonely night of moonlight and stars, one’s hope is deceiving as madness waits to scream.Continue reading “Dark Poetry: Untold Secrets”

Dark Poetry: Secrets of Mortality

Secrets of Mortality ———————– Our own mortality. One of the things that humans fear the most. Death. The end. ultimate termination. The cryptic darkness that awaits as we pray for the everlasting bright light. Mortality. It haunts us through the very core of our thin skin. In the loneliness of a moonless midnight we layContinue reading “Dark Poetry: Secrets of Mortality”

Dark Poetry: Hungry Wolves of Black Friday

HUNGRY WOLVES OF BLACK FRIDAY ———————————————— Just some miles hidden within the utter darkness, I could hear their earnest mourns and undoubted cries. They echoed horrendously off sensitive eardrums which brought painful tears to swollen sinus driven eyes. Deafening cries and mourns similar to rabid hungry wolves yelling out atrocious obscenities over careless irrelevant matters.Continue reading “Dark Poetry: Hungry Wolves of Black Friday”

Dark Poetry: Winter Solitude

  Winter Solitude ——————————- Alas, there was a barren crossroad, or perhaps crossfigured, in denial of where it shall meet. But then, there were the lonely trees – those too, barren. Its leaves stolen from an irate wind that left frigid ice in its place. Barren crossroads. Naked trees. Tis it all seemed too muchContinue reading “Dark Poetry: Winter Solitude”