Poem: Fallen and Taken

On the floor, she wept after her fall from grace. Tortured and torn, her wings were of no use from her fallen freedom. Weak and alone, she fell to the floor and no longer rose above the kingdom. All powers lost. She awaits her final destiny, with the reaper at bay. -Ariana R. Cherry 2015

Dark Poetry: She Silently Screams

She Silently Screams Through the fire and flames, she foresaw the images of yesterday, the fears and the terrors that brought her nighttime dreams. Those things that haunted her mind, that made her silently scream. An uncharted past, that so diligently took up space in her head, that carried disturbing thoughts when she went toContinue reading “Dark Poetry: She Silently Screams”

Photography: Nighttime in Arthur, Illinois: Painting in color

Photos taken in the late evening in Arthur, Illinois. Edited and made them into black and white, then added in some color. This is one of my first attempts at playing with this… Remember to check out my new Facebook page with Cloud Photography: https://www.facebook.com/CloudofMind

The Story and dance of the Demon Master (And how he caught his mortal souls)

  Beyond the damp dingy sewers and into the underground,where the earthworms burrow and termites bite,I creep within the soils, into the mud,below the trails of decaying rotting human flesh,in search of a satisfying delightful treat. For I spend much of my time,hidden into the earth’s darkness,in search of souls that bring me short-lived happyContinue reading “The Story and dance of the Demon Master (And how he caught his mortal souls)”

Rage Risen ( a narrative poem)

    Rage Risen Sometimes,the pain is too much.Anger and hurt, turn into rage,as another type of evil,lurks from its unlocked cage… People allow pain to come in,and take them places they’ve never been.And then there’s regret,No turning back…It becomes difficult, to find a connectionthat you can never get…—————————-On a late night of storms andContinue reading “Rage Risen ( a narrative poem)”

Horror Poem: TORTURED

A young woman sits alone in a dark room, bound by her own misery to an old worn tattered chair. She sulks silently, writhing in her own torture by disturbing memories of long ago… Delirious, she can’t seem to remember how she reached the bottom of these stairs, or why she is now bound toContinue reading “Horror Poem: TORTURED”