Books: Twisted Paths Poetry – receives 5 star Rating!

”  If you’ve ever wondered what the darkness looks like, this is it….”   – Realistic Poetry International (Click here to purchase on Amazon!)     I was honored to receive a 5-star rating from Realistic Poetry International on my horror poetry  collection, Twisted Paths Poetry. The review can be found below: ____________________ The BlacknessContinue reading “Books: Twisted Paths Poetry – receives 5 star Rating!”

Dark Love Poetry: To You, Dearest Love

To You, Dearest Love __________________________ My deareset love, oh thou, my heart has ached for you a million years. Sitting under a bright kindred moonlight, my thoughts fall back to your tender touch. I lay here, counting every single twinkling star up in the clear night sky, bathing in amorous memories that I wear uponContinue reading “Dark Love Poetry: To You, Dearest Love”

Dark Poetry: Hungry Wolves of Black Friday

HUNGRY WOLVES OF BLACK FRIDAY ———————————————— Just some miles hidden within the utter darkness, I could hear their earnest mourns and undoubted cries. They echoed horrendously off sensitive eardrums which brought painful tears to swollen sinus driven eyes. Deafening cries and mourns similar to rabid hungry wolves yelling out atrocious obscenities over careless irrelevant matters.Continue reading “Dark Poetry: Hungry Wolves of Black Friday”

Dark Poetry: Faith in Dreary Days – in a World Gone Mad

FAITH IN DREARY DAYS in a World Gone Mad ———————- My friends, I understand that your day has become nigh for our brooding hearts have broken with a heavy sigh to our dismay. Thy moon has broken, while the stars have withered, into the darkness, our innocence grips by an insignificant thread… Day into nigh,Continue reading “Dark Poetry: Faith in Dreary Days – in a World Gone Mad”

Inspirational Poetry: I’ll Stop the War

I’ll Stop the War You weren’t there for the battle, You didn’t feel my injured heart when it broke in a million pieces.. The door was closed… The windows were shut. Outside, the stars were performing a beautiful dance under the moonlight, But indoors, an atrocious storm was brewing in the midst of darkness. TheContinue reading “Inspirational Poetry: I’ll Stop the War”

Dark Poetry: Adagio Under a Crescent Moon

Adagio under a Crescent Moon —————————– Touching the blazing spark of a burning flame, she would feel no pain in a world of complete havoc around her. In the darkness, she would unravel and scream into nothingness. Numb she once was. Sleepless she had been. After midnight when our world would become two, and theContinue reading “Dark Poetry: Adagio Under a Crescent Moon”

Dark/Horror Poetry:Bring Back the Night

Bring Back the Night ————————– There’s a lonely place that many do not visit Down in the depths where the moon is black and the stars are unplugged… The rage is overheated and fear has overgrown but those who are lonely, no longer feel undefeated. Many don’t come here often- as it’s often overlooked. TheContinue reading “Dark/Horror Poetry:Bring Back the Night”

Dark Poetry: Twisted Head

    What happens when darkness hits your soul, Everything that you once knew as light suddenly goes black….   And all that once was living, suddenly becomes dead….   Soon after, all the realities that you once knew, became twisted in your head.   And your soul becomes darkness …for the light will beContinue reading “Dark Poetry: Twisted Head”

Poetry: Shine a Light

Shine a Light The cursor on the screen blinks on…and off…and on… Does she write what’s really on her mind? Will she dare share the thoughts that are hidden behind a dark wall, or does she turn on a light and let is shine? A few words typed out on a keyboard, displaying thoughts, secretsContinue reading “Poetry: Shine a Light”

Dark Poetry: Uncharted Paths

Uncharted Paths ————————-   Upon the pondering of her pen and awakening from an unplanned rest, A young girl took upon herself a mission of travel.   A travel in which she would perhaps become lost… or one, that she might become found… Something that could claim to be a vacation of her mind, orContinue reading “Dark Poetry: Uncharted Paths”