Spoken Word Poetry Video | I Dream of Simpler Times |

We often think of years gone by and how those times might have been simpler compared to the chaos of today. Sometimes, we may even daydream about them. Perhaps you will feel the same way that I do as you listen to this poetry reading…. “I was staring out the car window daydreaming about myContinue reading “Spoken Word Poetry Video | I Dream of Simpler Times |”

Inspirational Poetry: The Hereafter

THE HEREAFTER a place of wonderous daydream beyond unlimited time and universal space in a life hereafter… We will sparkle with the dazzling stars and dance with the brightest moonlight to an infinity of everlasting love… Will we know heaven we see it? or shall it be beating in our eternal hearts as a memoryContinue reading “Inspirational Poetry: The Hereafter”