Poetry: Battle of My Dreams

Battle of My Dreams   Night after night, as my head hits the evening pillow, I wish the moon adieu and close my tired eyes tight…   I await to blissfully nod off into a cosmic starlit darkness, but mixed psychedelic memories play scene after scene throughout my mind… As my conscious battles with myContinue reading “Poetry: Battle of My Dreams”

Poetry: “Dream World”

DREAM WORLD   So lay down thy head into the awaiting dreamland that awaits upon your soft beckoning restful pillow…   Prepare for the journey of your nighttime slumber, traveling through the spiraling tunnels of timeless consciousness and all the numerous echoes of thy day…   Into the nigh, we travel to a world beyondContinue reading “Poetry: “Dream World””

Poetry: What if Life Were a Metaphor?

What if Life were a Metaphor? ———————————————– Take a moment, unwind your busy thoughtful mind… Unfurl the concepts, the now…and what is.. My friend, I ask you this… What if life, were merely, a metaphor? That vast life, and never-ending beauty all around was purely out of reach… That somehow, this was just another entrance,Continue reading “Poetry: What if Life Were a Metaphor?”

Dark Poetry:Nightmares in Thy Mind

  Nightmares in Thy Mind Nobody realizes the horror that takes comfort in your own bed when terrible dreaded nightmares take estate in your wandering head. Restless thoughts of tormenting insecurities give birth in a relentless mind… It seems as if hope has escaped when faith has just began to blossom. In a dark room,Continue reading “Dark Poetry:Nightmares in Thy Mind”

Dark Love Poetry: To You, Dearest Love

To You, Dearest Love __________________________ My deareset love, oh thou, my heart has ached for you a million years. Sitting under a bright kindred moonlight, my thoughts fall back to your tender touch. I lay here, counting every single twinkling star up in the clear night sky, bathing in amorous memories that I wear uponContinue reading “Dark Love Poetry: To You, Dearest Love”

Poetry : That Haunted Breath Upon my Ear

That Haunted Breath Upon my Ear The memories haunt my nighttime dreams… The images are as raw as the flesh upon Adam and Eve’s skin. Fear withers into my mind when your voice breathes upon my ear. It is like you are still here – When you are the one that I fear to beContinue reading “Poetry : That Haunted Breath Upon my Ear”

Poem: What’s Behind a Smile?

*I found this poem going through some of my old Facebook timeline and realized it wasn’t on my blog…. Just thought I would post it here… I wrote this back in December of last year. (2014).  What’s Behind a Smile?  What’s behind that mysterious smile?… Has she gotten out in awhile? Seen the world? ChasedContinue reading “Poem: What’s Behind a Smile?”

Dark Poetry: Master of Nightmares

Master of Nightmares Slow enticing deep down dread filled the empty thoughts in the young girl’s head. All of the bustling noise that she once heard, now lay stagnant and silent, while waiting for the screams of those screaming in writhing pain dripping a fury blood red. The intoxicating, frightening dreams that shook and cradledContinue reading “Dark Poetry: Master of Nightmares”