Photo art and releasing emotions…

“Reminiscing of how things were before everything changed. Hoping that some aspects of our lives are better after this is all over. Living each day, as safely as I can to survive, so that I can see the light at the end of the darkness.”  – Ariana R Cherry (Just mixing some of my photographyContinue reading “Photo art and releasing emotions…”

…Trying to live in an “insensitive world”

Please forgive me for this post..but I need to vent and release some emotions… You may continue to read if you wish… But it isn’t necessarily a happy post….. And if you do stick around to read…thank you for “listening…” _________________________________________________ I know when we were young, our grandparents often told us how different theContinue reading “…Trying to live in an “insensitive world””

Poetry: All in a Minute

All in a minute ************************* within a tenth of a second, we breathe the breath of life.  Inhale the gift of air… …and sigh… In a brief moment, we blink… set focus to see… To see…our life in all of the wondrous amazement that it is… In contemplation.. for seconds, we may stare into theContinue reading “Poetry: All in a Minute”

Poetry: Insecurities

  Insecurities ***************************** Sometimes among a large crowd, I think I hear everyone’s chasing thoughts and judgements within my mind, all echoing aloud… but perhaps… it is just fear… Just internal fear, screaming in my ear. I see all of their intimidating eyes… staring back at a so small me – and I wonder… whatContinue reading “Poetry: Insecurities”

Without Poetry…. or fine tuned literature…

“…without poetry….or “fine tuned literature,” we would not be able to describe or write our emotions that bury themselves so far deep in our hearts….or those that hide behind the deep dark doors in the back of our minds.   Words are our escape – the way to express our feelings – when we canContinue reading “Without Poetry…. or fine tuned literature…”

Poetry: An Eternity

An Eternity Inside an oblivion of a time trapped shell, the wind howls and bares its soul, to the sky that soaks up its confessions. Vibrations of the secrets light up the stars, as they twinkle the encrypted code of stories that are told from the souls who reign down below. I am the coldContinue reading “Poetry: An Eternity”

Life on Pause: Testing Your Faith: How Much is too much?

  As I closed a door on a hurtful past, I always would have one thing on my mind… What would God say in my situation? Did he believe that I was doing the right thing? As Christians, we are taught to love one another, be forgiving and help others trust,  learn and grow closerContinue reading “Life on Pause: Testing Your Faith: How Much is too much?”