Original Autumn Poetry

I was in Barnes and Nobles bookstore a couple weeks ago and found a neat little book called, “Instant Poetry.” The book is great for “poetry starters,” and for inspiration too. There were a few lines of some “poetry starters” that helped inspire this poem. And not only that, the streets that are lined withContinue reading “Original Autumn Poetry”

Dark Poetry: I Saw You Fall

I SAW YOU FALL I’ve seen the midnight darkness in your frigid eyes that once held a radiant sunshine day., I’ve heard the merriment in your affectionate gentle voice, only to hear it drown in dreadful resentment. For I only wish I knew what instilled itself in you, When you pulled my fractured heart fromContinue reading “Dark Poetry: I Saw You Fall”

Photography:Beautiful Fall day on Nov 1

As it always goes in Illinois, the weather can be quite unpredictable. Sometimes though, that is a good thing – like today. It was November 1 and the temperature came close to 80 degrees! This was warm for November. It felt more like spring than it did fall… If the temperature would have went anyContinue reading “Photography:Beautiful Fall day on Nov 1”