The New Normal With Covid19: One week of Shelter in Place- Arthur, Illinois

Today marked one week that we’ve been “Shelter in Place.” It feels like it has been a really long week, but I think it is because we are living day to day. I’ve been trying to work on projects and begin working on some of the things that need done to get my mind offContinue reading “The New Normal With Covid19: One week of Shelter in Place- Arthur, Illinois”

How to earn Jesus’s Love….

As I get older, I find more and more throughout my life, that there are people who feel like they have to do certain things or take steps in life to earn their place or others’ love… I get uncomfortable especially when I listen to people talking about how they have to earn the loveContinue reading “How to earn Jesus’s Love….”

Poetry: Missing You at Christmas

With Christmas just a few days away, while it may seem joyous – for others, it can be a tough time… Sometimes, the holidays can bring on unexpected grief and make us miss those who have passed on even more… I have written a poem in light of that situation… I too can sometimes findContinue reading “Poetry: Missing You at Christmas”

Life on Pause: …A Life Eternal

…It’s been one of those weeks – where for a few days, you were literally running on adrenaline- and then, you come crashing down to a halt. I learned of my step-grandmother’s passing this past Monday  – although- she never was Just “step” to me – she was just grandma. We had her funeral andContinue reading “Life on Pause: …A Life Eternal”

Life on Pause: What is Your Purpose in Life?

I’m not much of a daytime television type of person, but on my lunch break during the week, I watch a favorite soap opera of mine and then sometimes – a talk show called, “The Talk” on CBS. Most of the time, it is usually gossip about entertainment, but the other day, they actually discusssedContinue reading “Life on Pause: What is Your Purpose in Life?”

Life on Pause: Sometimes, chocolate doesn’t cover it.

Life can be hard. We can feel like we are floating in the air, and the next time, it’s like something comes and knocks that air right out of us… And then you reach for that chocolate happiness–and that…isn’t even enough. I can’t lie… This time of year has started to become hard for meContinue reading “Life on Pause: Sometimes, chocolate doesn’t cover it.”