Poetry : “A Soul’s Fight for Innocence”

  A Soul’s Fight for Innocence ————————————- Looking backwards in passing time, Beyond a few decades or so… Perhaps, a child’s lifetime ago… A bright-eyed soul, innocent and carefree, Walked among the Earth’s lands, Unknown to the troubles of a world, That could be…. A soul with big dreams… A soul with overflowing hope… AndContinue reading “Poetry : “A Soul’s Fight for Innocence””

The Silent Fight ( RIP Robin Williams)

When the silence Has become anything but golden, And the laughs forced, Listen beyond the sound… Somewhere in those giggles, A tear could be heard, falling to the ground… When someone has entered with their head staring at their feet, Go to them, with a smile and greet… Eye contact and a warm presence, CanContinue reading “The Silent Fight ( RIP Robin Williams)”