…  I know that it has been at least since the third week of March that we have been at this “Stay at home shelter,” thing.  I am starting to lose count. Whether it has been a month, month and a half, or almost two months, any way you look at it, it feelsContinue reading “The New Normal With COVID19: THE COVID BATTLES”

The New Normal (COVID19)… 7 weeks? 2 months- Everyone’s getting restless.

  I think it has been almost two months that we’ve been sheltering in place? I could be wrong. The weeks really blend together these days. I do know when it is Monday and Thursday because that is when I go to the office. The stay at home extension was extended right before April ended.Continue reading “The New Normal (COVID19)… 7 weeks? 2 months- Everyone’s getting restless.”

Dark Poetry: The Valley of Death & Dry Bones

  The Valley of Death and Dry Bones …once I trudged through that valley of death… I forsaw the malevolent evil as it reveald itself behind a dark foreboding curtain… Fear, it smiled wickedly, a mortal character it was, cackeling loudly, Frightening my innocent spirit and twisting my darkened soul as the child inside hungeredContinue reading “Dark Poetry: The Valley of Death & Dry Bones”

Poetry: Fly away to Freedom

FLY AWAY TO FREEDOM monotony builds up a day, and creates a week… Specific days for certain tasks creates a mind mold of boredom. Searching for adventure, looking for a cloud to run and jump on to take a ride to some place unknown… Without a heart full of freedom, that flies with the wind,Continue reading “Poetry: Fly away to Freedom”