Inspirational Poetry: The Hereafter

THE HEREAFTER a place of wonderous daydream beyond unlimited time and universal space in a life hereafter… We will sparkle with the dazzling stars and dance with the brightest moonlight to an infinity of everlasting love… Will we know heaven we see it? or shall it be beating in our eternal hearts as a memoryContinue reading “Inspirational Poetry: The Hereafter”

Life on Pause: Just a reminder:You already have His love.

There is something that I have always known….. It is something that I didn’t have to be taught…But yet, it is something that I see people trying to work towards and feel that they have to earn…Or that they have to say special prayers….or do so many good deeds, or live life without certain things….Continue reading “Life on Pause: Just a reminder:You already have His love.”

Sunsets are my Heaven

I adore taking photographs of Sunsets… No matter what your day may have been like, if a sunset is beautiful – It makes everything better…. It’s the best thing next to chocolate and coffee in my life 😉 Sunsets are peaceful and one example- that a higher power exists out there…A not just science.

Divine Love

Under the super moon Of a late evening nighttime sky. I sit out on the lawn, Deep in thought,  Giving thoughts and questions In the form of a prayer…. Above, the stars twinkle and shine, The scene is so beautiful and divine… I can’t even fathom the thought of those Who believe that a GodContinue reading “Divine Love”