Blog Series: The New Normal With Covid19: Day 5: changes

  This morning didn’t start out too bad. After saying goodbye to my boyfriend after he went to work, feeding my cats and eating a bit of breakfast, I got around and went for a walk. I had an audio CD that I needed to pick up at the local newspaper office so it wasContinue reading “Blog Series: The New Normal With Covid19: Day 5: changes”

Happy Fourth of July! “We Remain United”

  The bright iridescent colorful lights sparkle up so high Echoing into the deep dark nighttime cloudless sky. Another year we celebrate as one for the freedom we have won… …even in times, when we feel divided as a nation and torn apart… We have our history, our faith and love to bring us backContinue reading “Happy Fourth of July! “We Remain United””

News: Look for me at these 2017 Conventions

  In an attempt to gain more exposure to my poetry collections, I will be attending two conventions this year in the Illinois area. I will have copies of my books for sale and will autograph them with your purchase. The first event that I will be at is the Dark History and Horror ConventionContinue reading “News: Look for me at these 2017 Conventions”