A Poem for Our World: Who?

“Our once blessed nation now lays upon the cross being crucified, but who is carrying the blood on their hands…? Our entire earthly planet is being infected with a contagious virus that disables our ability to breathe, speak and separates us from those that we love… But who unleashed the horror that spreads rapidly throughoutContinue reading “A Poem for Our World: Who?”

Inspirational poetry: I Dream of a Simpler Time

I was staring out the car window daydreaming about my old childhood hometown. I thought about the ole’ neighborhood and all of my senior-aged neighbors, The evenings I spent playing with all the kids on the block, while the neighbors watched. And how those times were simple… so simple, compared to the chaos today. WeContinue reading “Inspirational poetry: I Dream of a Simpler Time”

Society’s Chain

Our society is on the verge of an internal break-down. So many are ailing –  Not just from a worldly contagious virus, But so many have relapsed in what their ideas of respect are, And where they store hope. Perhaps our world just isn’t ill with a terrible malady, But it is developing a disabilityContinue reading “Society’s Chain”

Blog Series: The New Normal with COVID19: Social Distancing & Shelter in Place

Tuesday was day #9 of social distancing and day #4 of Shelter in Place, but I am not really sure which one I am supposed to be keeping track of or counting. Although, if we try to look at it in a positive light, our pastor has told us we are one day closer toContinue reading “Blog Series: The New Normal with COVID19: Social Distancing & Shelter in Place”

Poetry: I Saw You

  ….The poem below was inspired by a recent Bible study we are doing in church… It was talking about consequences, discipline and if we were ever given second chances or if you received the consequences of your actions… ….While I am not sure about receiving discipline …. I do remember a time or two,Continue reading “Poetry: I Saw You”

Poetry: Foreign Inhabitants (a poem about chronic pain)

  Foreign Inhabitants ——————- …she runs her jagged fingernails down the length of the bare white wall, Leaving a trail of chipped paint behind…. Carefully, she tries to stifle the scream that attempts to escape her dry parched lips. A tear dances down her damp rosy cheek, As once again, her tired mind attempts aContinue reading “Poetry: Foreign Inhabitants (a poem about chronic pain)”

Dark Poetry:The Outcast

The Outcast I’d rather not say that I am insane, My mind will not comprehend such a thing, Nor would appreciate you to suggest so…   But it is absolute pain that erases the numbness.. Not a smile, laugh, frown, sadness… Or your hand upon my knee… It is blunt pain, that paints such aContinue reading “Dark Poetry:The Outcast”

Dark Poetry: Scrooged Soul

Scrooged Soul Inside the dear old aged man, a cracked heart once made of gold, was now broken, hurt with joyful stories he no longer told. Tunes of joyous delight, and Christmases of bright, hurt his somber soul. A once bright heart, had gone stone cold, a lustrous light gone in the dark. Tis, suchContinue reading “Dark Poetry: Scrooged Soul”

Poetry: The Climb to Christmas

  THE CLIMB to Christmas Years have passed, and I’ve seen the holiday season in many forms. As a young child, I sensed the growing excitement, the anticipation and innocent hope. Sparkling Christmas lights were magical and the air felt…different- surreal.. Through time, my mentality aged. Years move forward like speeds of light. A darknessContinue reading “Poetry: The Climb to Christmas”